Morning versus night

Lots of people want to know the best time to workout.  Like the best workout ever, that differs by person.  So this is all about me…

When I first was cleared to workout, I was exercising at night once the baby went to bed. I knew my husband was on baby duty if she woke up and that I would mostly not be interrupted at that time. But there are a lot of issues for me working out at that time. First, being not full but not hungry for my workout. Another, also food related, is knowing my calories for the day if I don’t know how many I’ll burn at night. Add in some downtime and a shower after the workout and I’m going to bed pretty late.  Plus face it, I’m tired.  It takes a lot of motivation to exercise at night!

I have been able to exercise a bunch of mornings recently.  The baby wakes up for her “middle of the night” feeding between 2 and 6am (so sometimes it really isn’t the middle of the night) and then goes back to sleep for another three hours.  If she gets up late enough for that feeding, I just get up and start my day.  Once she’s back to sleep, I can workout and shower and still have some time.  This is much better for me and I tend to be more productive these days.

Today, she woke up about 3am, so I exercised at night.  Now I still have things to do and I’m sleepy.  I don’t really get back that morning time to myself, so all of my productive time is pushed to evening.  I am so happy to have some productive time in addition to the baby smiles and giggles.  Priceless!

Maybe a picture tomorrow.  For now, I will finish my to do list and get to bed.

When do you exercise?  Is it the same time as when you would like to workout?

Workout yesterday – Practiced TurboKick round 49
Workout today – TurboFire HIIT15 and Tone30

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