But I was still up at 5!

I have a five day weekend.  I am so excited to get a bunch of days in a row to hang out with Zoe and not worry (much) about work.  I feel like the summer passed me by without a thought.


First fun of vacation

The past two weeks, daycare has been closed.  If I had been more on top of things, I would have realized this sooner, but it was a bit of a scramble to figure out a plan.  My husband had already scheduled a week off for the first week and work has a back up daycare program that we used for Monday-Wednesday this week.  But now I get my turn!


It has been a bit of a schedule change for us all, so I have been trying my hardest to get up at 5 to workout.  Zoe hasn’t been going to sleep very easily and my husband started his last semester of school this week so working out at night with a waking baby and no one else home put me at a 9:30 pm workout time on Tuesday.  Not for me!  I like to be sleeping by about 10, and I still have a baby who wakes up to eat 1 or 2 times each night.

So today, after spending a bunch of time awake overnight and really just wanting to sleep in on my mini vacation, I was up at 5 for my T25 workout.  And it felt good to be done!  I’m happy to not need to worry about if I’ll get a long enough stretch of a nap to workout and shower, or waiting all day to do it later.

I’m not telling this story to brag or to make myself feel good.  I’m telling it so you can see that it is possible to find room for exercise.  I work.  My husband works and goes to school.  My baby fights sleep and ends up with 20-30 minute naps.  It isn’t always easy, but you make the time.  Don’t try to find it…schedule time where you can focus and make it happen.

Post T25 Total Body Circuit

Post T25 Total Body Circuit

T25 – Ab Intervals

This is the last of the Alpha phase workouts!  I did it today with Total Body Circuit as part of my T25 Double Day.  Tough day after a rough night!  I have been up since 3:50 am and could use a nap.  So we’ll get started…

Ab Intervals is an abdominal workout (but you probably figured that) with cardio intervals.  So it alternates a few ab movements with a cardio move.  Most of the cardio moves use the core as well, so it’s really 25 minutes of focus on the core.  Most of the ab work is either plank or v-sit based.  They will work your core, but with the cardio “breaks” and modifying if needed, this is a doable workout.  That seems to sum up a lot of T25.  It’s tough, but doable.  And you’re finished in 25 minutes…how bad can it be!



So what’s up with this Double Day thing?  A double workout is recommended on Fridays (or the 5th day if you do them on different days) to accelerate results.  You could choose one, split them up during the day, or move one to another day.  I like to get them done together and free up my Saturday for other things (tomorrow I plan to practice Insanity for teaching purposes…still a workout!).  There is also a stretch workout recommended for Sunday but I have been doing yoga outside of the program.  I hope to do the stretch workout soon though.

I’m enjoying T25 and always feel like I got a longer workout in.  I’m feeling some soreness, but I don’t feel like I can’t walk or anything.  Worked but not dead, which is perfect for me.  And with my extra time, I’ve mostly been racking up more mommy/baby time either directly or by taking care of other things to fee up time elsewhere.  Good stuff!

T25 – Cardio

Today was time for T25 Cardio, the first workout on the schedule (I’m in the third week).  I find it mostly fun, very tough and a sweat inducer.

The moves work in a progression as in most of the other T25 videos.  You wont be jumping into anything except in the Burnout rounds.  Yep, rounds…there are two!  You can handle it!  Most of the moves are fairly simple, especially with them moving in the progression.  The hardest for me was the On Your Mark and Up Down move – you start in a set position, like you are getting ready to take off on a run and then jump up with one heel forward and back down.  On about the third time through, I found it a lot less awkward!  So just keep on.

The last two minutes after the second Burnout are tough.  You will be reminding yourself of the time and counting it down.  But it’s two minutes!

Overall, it’s a tough and sweaty workout with a bunch of fun cardio moves.  I can do this one without modifications, but Tania is there to give them if you need them.  No shame in modifying!  You have to start somewhere.

Tomorrow is Double Day!  There is an option/suggestion to do two workouts on Fridays for optimal results.  I try to do them back to back because I like having my workouts done early.


T25 – Lower Focus

Excuse me.  I worked out for 25 minutes and can’t feel my legs!  Or at least that was this morning!

T25 Lower Focus is a great, tough leg workout.  You will hate the lunges.  And the calf work is all fun until you can feel it working in every move after!  My personal favorite move is the deadlift, which would not surprise you if you know me.  Deadlifts are my favorite!

The moves progress as in most of the other workouts.  This one has two Breakout rounds and when the second starts, you have 3 minutes left.  Shaun T tells you there’s “under 5 minutes” to go.  There you go…a 2 minute gift!

You will feel this workout.  There will be times that you’ll want to quit.  There may be times that you want to modify…nothing wrong with that.  But it flies by and call me crazy, but I think it’s fun.

You don’t need any equipment for this workout (the Alpha phase of T25 only needs a mat, but I didn’t even use that).  I’m beginning to think that wristbands, or towel bracelets, are necessary for all of these workouts.  There is no time to towel off and you’ll sweat buckets!  All go go go.

Tomorrow is T25 Cardio for me!

T25 Speed 1.0

Continuing on with the week’s T25 workouts, today was Speed 1.0.  This is my personal favorite so far!  It works in intervals of a cardio move and a flexibility move.  So you want to fall down, but it’s all good because then you stretch!

Until you get to the Burnout!  It comes late, right after you think you’re in the clear because it’s intervals!  And it is a bunch of the cardio moves put together for about 7 minutes.  It’s long.  Some of the moves aren’t so scary and give you an itty bitty break in there, but you’ll definitely feel it!  I’m watching the clock, wishing for a towel and eyeing my water.  But when it’s over, you feel great.

One thing about this workout is that since it works in intervals, there isn’t the slow progression of movements.  There is still a modifier and The moves aren’t very technical or confusing, but you do jump right in.

I did today’s workout at night instead of in the morning.  I feel like I have more energy in the mornings and always have difficulty getting to a point where I’m not hungry and not full.  I have my tried and true Shakeology when I wake up and am good to go when I workout about 90 min later.  I don’t have that at night.

So there you go.  My favorite so far.  Any questions, let me know!

T25 – Total Body Circuit

I decided to review individual workouts now that I’m in the 3rd week of T25.  So you’ll get them in the order I’m doing them, hopefully making them still fresh in my head!  For now, I’ll do the Alpha workouts and then I’ll do similar posts during the Beta phase in a few weeks.

The first thing about these workouts is that it is all go for 25 minutes.  No stop time.  No breaks.  You hope that when you need a break, you switch movements.  If not, there is a modifier (Tania) so you do have options other than stopping.  Also, the workouts are 25 min including warm up, and then there is about a 3 minute cool down at the end.  So about 28 minutes.  The moves are done as a progression (which helps give you a “break”).  Then there are what Shaun T calls Break Downs where you go through the final version of each of the earlier moves back to back.

Today’s workout was Total Body Circuit.  This is the hardest one for me so far.  I have decided to wear sweatbands on my wrists next time because all of the work in plank.  I’m sweaty, with no time for a towel, and slipping everywhere!  I use a mat because my floors are already slippery and I have bad wrists.


You work every part of the body, mostly in cardio or plank movements.  Some are fun, some are hard, some are both!  During the pike progression it is amazing to feel so many parts working!  There is only one break down, which means it feels long because it’s movements from the whole time.  But the movements in this video seem to have more steps in the progressions, so it probably isn’t actually longer.

You will feel like you worked out for longer than 25 minutes!  So kick those feet up after…you deserve it!

9 months on, 9 months off

At least that was the plan for weight loss. Reality, not so simple!

I even put in my goals for the year to fit into some pre-pregnancy clothes by now. There are a few things that fit but not much. Mostly workout clothes! I suppose that’s helpful. But for the most part, nope. I have almost 20lbs left to lose and have been within a 5lb range for about 3 months.

Have I tried? Of course. I exercise most days, track my food and try to eat reasonably. I do have lapses in my food choices, but that’s normal and I track them. I have my daily Shakeology which makes such a difference for me. If I go low on my calories a few days, my milk supply drops. And that’s basically the thing here. I’m choosing supply over weight loss. I struggle with this daily (hourly?) but I know I’m making the right choice.

So I’m deciding to give myself another 6 months. Which is really 3 months from the year mark, when I plan to stop pumping during the day. I’ll ride out my freezer stash for daytime and then it will just be nights/morning. I won’t be clinging to supply anymore, so hopefully my body won’t cling to the weight.

I’m enjoying my workouts. I would exercise for stress relief even without the calorie burn. And I have seen some results (see my results posts from TurboFire, Pump and Insanity!).

I know I’m doing my best all around. If you’re in a similar position, I’d love to hear from you!

How I spent my Friday Evening

…or what Zoe will be eating this weekend.  Staying with the baby food trend!  We had gotten into a food rut for lack of time and hadn’t introduced much new since salmon a few weeks ago.  So today, I looked for recipes and ideas for food for mommy and baby.  I pretty much took a day off work to spend half the day on Pinterest!

I like for the food to be hand held.  She likes to grab it herself.  If you feed her with a spoon, she sticks her fingers in her mouth after.  That’s how we get food everywhere!  Some foods are easy, others not as much.  So tonight, I made some eggs into omelet sticks, stewed apples, steamed broccoli and made oatmeal.  For the oatmeal, I use regular oats and grind them down, then cook.  She will have the oats and apples together and the egg and broccoli together.  The only thing that needs a spoon is the oatmeal, so I’m happy about that!

Tomorrow, I’ll try to make the recipe for me…Sesame Chicken  which I plan to modify somewhat.  I’ll let you know how that works out!

In non-food news, I’m officially certified as an Insanity instructor.  Very exciting news!  Has anyone taken a class yet?

What has been eaten

So Zoe is almost to 9 months and has been eating solids for just over 3. I figured I would give a rundown of all the foods she has tried. Some she has liked more than others, but everything has been at least okay!

In no particular order…

-sweet potatoes
-acorn squash
-green beans
-pasta (whole wheat)

Plus Mum-Mums and Puffs. She’s a happy eater!