December Challenge!

December Leg Raises

We’re going to do lying leg raises to work our core in December! Contact me to join in!

Black Friday Deals Start today!

Actually, right now! For a limited time only, get select Beachbody programs, equipment and supplements for the lowest price of the year!


Have you been waiting for a deal for some fitness products to keep you on track this holiday season?  Well, here you go!

There are so many great sales here…Turbo Fire (my favorite!!) to kill calories.  A free chin up bar with P90X or The Asylum.  A half price dance ab workout.  Tai Cheng…a great workout for stability.  Derm Exclusive skincare.  Equipment…you know I love my jump mat! Plus nutritional supplements…I’m jumping on the Energy and Endurance deal!

Contact me with any questions…always happy to chat!  Or click here if you know what you have your eye on 🙂

Coconut oil…in coffee?

I tried it!  And it was good.  I had heard about it for a while, either alone or with grass fed butter, but never got around to trying it myself until today.  I just did the coconut oil, and you can watch my first sip!

I used about 1 teaspoon plus a little cinnamon, and gave it a whirl in my Magic Bullet.  I will definitely do it again…maybe with more coconut oil??


Would you try this?  Have you already?

Protein Ice Cream


Looks delicious, right? Well, it tastes it! I have been trying to eat better, cleaner foods but still like having a little something after dinner…I eat about 5:30 so I’m truly hungry for it well before bed (after 9).

This is made in the Magic Bullet, but any blender would work!

-protein powder (I use about 3/4 scoop)
-1/2 cup almond milk
-1 Tablespoon natural PB

Just blend and freeze if you like. It will be thick and tasty! Enjoy 🙂

Easy Eating

How was your weekend?  We had a good one here!  I have to work today, but I have a 4 day weekend next week.  I’ll take it!

I wanted to go through and write out a day of food.  Not my perfect day, not super healthy, not anything special…not even a typical day.  What is it? Easy.  All of the food is quick, minimal cooking time, and reasonably healthy.  It’s a decent day.  Please remember, I eat a lot of calories right now to support breastfeeding.  This may be too much food for you, or it may be too little.   So pick and choose, use it for ideas, and I hope you find something that helps you out!

5am – Wake up – Chocolate Shakeology with frozen berries and water
8:30am – Quick Cooking Steel Cut Oats (I get these that take about 5 minutes total) with almond butter and banana
A little later – Clif Z Bar (I buy the Chocolate Crispy)
11:30am – Chicken sausage (I have two of these), Butternut Squash soup (I buy the Pacific brand…not making it!) with coconut oil, nutritional yeast and cinnamon
A little later – grapes
2:30pm – P90X bar (I buy the variety box and alternate through all of them).  Larabars are also a good option, but I find that the P90X bars keep me satisfied longer.
A little later – Chocolate PB2 mixed with water
5:30/6pm – Gardenburger, Steamed spinach (in the microwave…I use this) with olive oil and Garlic Gold nuggets
pm – Tofutti Marry Me bar

I wouldn’t usually eat all of this for one day.  Often, dinner is from the crockpot (still easy) but I wanted to throw in an even easier option there.  I will also make chili (crockpot again!) for lunches.   The “a little later” foods would typically be while I’m pumping during work and aren’t always, but I left them in as quick snacks in case they’re helpful.

Are you out and about?  I have posted before about eating at Chipotle and sometimes I’ll also do Starbucks for their egg white sandwich.

Do you have questions?  I’d love to help.  You can still eat fairly healthy when you have no time!

Being More Productive

There is so much to be said about time…how little we have, how it gets away from you, how you “ran out” of time to do something.  When everything is crazy, I find the best way to find time is to be organized, but that’s often the first thing to go!  I have a few apps I use to keep myself constantly organized, so I’m going to post them here.

First, I have a paper planner.  It sits next to my computer mostly unused.  I’ll get an idea that I think needs to be in there, and then I don’t pick it up again!  So I like my phone.  I’m already carrying it anywhere I am, so I always have it available.  It’s convenient and I can set it to make a noise so I pay attention!


The easy, obvious app is the calendar app.  I put everything in there, with a reminder.  If it isn’t in my phone, I’m fairly guaranteed to miss it!  So doctor’s appointments, parties, plans, etc all go in there.  Instead of writing it down, I put it in my phone.

Next is my to do list app, Awesome Note.  It lets me set things to recur daily, which means I have an easy list in there to check off even if I do nothing.  Imagine putting everything you want to get done each day on an index card…every day!  This does that for me.  I love paper lists, but this is more efficient.  And I can set reminders on that as well! My phone reminds me to drink more water at 11 and 3 each day.  It just told me I have a text to send.  (sent!) I can also set things weekly, make different folders for tasks, I could (sometimes do) use it for a shopping list and you can add a handwritten (always looks like chicken scratch to me) note or picture.  I may switch this in the future as I have two other apps I’ve heard about and want to try, but it has worked for me for almost 2 years now.

My newest app is IFTT – If This Then That.  It’s a seemingly limitless app that lets you use recipes (their term) to say “If this happens, do that.”  So If it is 5am, text me to get up. If it’s morning, text me the weather. If I post a picture to Instagram also send it to another site.  I think you get it!  It has been helpful for me so far and I’ve only been using it for a few weeks.  Sure I could set reminders (and I do!), but the difference of a text for me has been that I pay more attention to my text sound.  A use for both inmy world!  And there are so many options of things to do with it…I get lost exploring (not a good use of time!) but it saves me time elsewhere.

What are you using to help use your time wisely?

For fun, check out this post from this week last year!

Shaking it Up

I get a lot of questions about how I mix up my Shakeology each day.  I’m a creature of habit, so most days it’s chocolate Shakeology with frozen berries and water in the Magic Bullet.  I bought larger cups for it on eBay, like these with the lids so I can easily take my shakes on the go.


The benefit of the bullet is easy clean up…we have 3 cups so we don’t have to wash them right away and it’s easier than washing a blender! I love the single cups so we can each make our shakes (my husband has his with a banana and water) in our little cups! The problem is that it isn’t great with ice and the small-ish cup doesn’t allow much wiggle room for overflow.  We are still working on the right water/fruit/space leftover that makes a shake that doesn’t cause an overflow issue!  But the pros outweigh the cons for now (plus we already have it!  not sure if we’d buy it again).

Sometimes I do just the Shakeology and water or almond milk in a shaker cup.  I used to have this nifty Shakeology shaker, but it was dropped at the supermarket (luckily having just water in it at the time!) and cracked 😦  The Blender Bottle works well here too!  Just shake…it mixes really well!


How do you mix up your shakes?

It’s Monday! (sort of)

*I thought I published this yesterday!  It somehow got saved as a draft instead.  So here you go for Tuesday 🙂

Is Monday a fresh start day for you?  I try to treat each day as a fresh one, but Mondays do have an extra sense of “Let’s rock this week!” for me.

So what about this week will make it extra grand?  Really, there are things each week that make it different for me.  This week I have two challenge groups starting and I can’t wait to help motivate, and have them motivate me!  One is Shakeology specific, one for workouts and both should be fun.  I can’t wait!

We are also closing in on having a one year old!  So party planning and execution is in full force!  It’s so crazy both how this year flew and how it seems she’s been here forever.  I hear this is how most people feel, so nothing new, but new to me.

Another thing about this week?  Last week was crazy!  Halloween, plans on a Wednesday, a few appointments, and mom & baby not feeling well.  I can’t completely control us getting sick, but our schedule is the usual this week.  Plans are fun, but it is nice to have a week that’s normal!


First Halloween!


Post Halloween cooking

What will you do to make this a great week?