Insane weekend!

That’s what you call it when you get certified, yes? I went to Insanity instructor training yesterday! I had originally signed up to go today at a location super close to home, but that one got cancelled. Change of plans!


It was tough, but a great day. It was a packed room of positive folks…very clear when laughing at trying to do anything involving a plank!

Also tough was choosing to spend another day away from the baby, and pumping during training. It’s a hassle to always be thinking about when next to pump, what to wear to make it easier, and on and on. But it worked out.

The rest of the weekend was fun and spent with the cutest sidekick!


GymPact Update

So, I’ve been back using GymPact for several weeks now. I have not had any glitches or lost workouts. I am now able to lock my phone while using it in the anywhere mode and it still counts my minutes.

My only issue is that it drains my battery. Like OMG it’s 9am and I’m under 50% drains it. That isn’t optimal!

And I haven’t tried to withdraw my funds yet. I’m trying to let them build a bit. But I’m happy with it and I’ll keep taking other people’s money! I haven’t paid a week yet.

In other news, I have a cold that’s just exhausting me and have been commuting a few days this week. It has made working out, play time and getting other things done tough, but I’m managing. Where’s the fun in having no challenges?

Week in review

I know I dropped off the face of the page. This week was both crazy busy and I was sick. Or thought I might be getting a sinus infection at least. Luckily that didn’t get worse just better, but it did knock me down.

Last week I…

-worked a bunch
-missed 3/7 Insanity workouts – two for time but walked one of those, one for sickness and also walked
-went to my brother’s wedding
-fought off illness
-spent my first night away from the baby
-went away with 50+ of my friends for a night (though they mostly went longer than the 23 hours I was there)
-lost my streak on My Fitness Pal!

It was terrific. I ate a lot, but kept it mostly healthy with a few indulgences. Now it’s time to get back on the ball. I’m looking forward to it and hoping that a little fun turns me around.

Have a great rest of your Sunday night!



Exciting Saturday Night!

AKA – Why I never have much to say!

Tonight after a busy day and putting the baby to bed, I got to work.  This is a typical night for me; what I do outside work, playing with the baby and working out. 

First, I looked up “how to steam carrots” on the internet.  Because I do not know these things!  I then set forth to do the things I’d need first.  Washed the (never used) steamer pot.  Put the dishes from the sink in the dishwasher and washed anything that didn’t go in there.  Set up the water to boil.

While I waited for that, I peeled and cut up the carrots.  I also got things together to freeze up some milk and made room in the cabinets for some food we bought today.  Once the water boiled, I put the carrots in to steam and got to work on the milk freezing.  I was able to freeze more than I took out this week and it’s still Saturday, so that was reassuring!

When the carrots were done steaming, I took them out and used a hand blender to puree them.  Then packaged them up into startlingly few servings!  And cleaned up after myself.

Then, it was beer and pumping time.  I also did some work on the computer to record points for a challenge group and signed up to be certified to teach Insanity.  And now, here I am.

Exciting stuff, yes?  It’s what I’ve got.  Along with a wonderful feeling of productivity!  Enjoy your Saturday!

Days and days

Most days…actually almost every day…I plan to pop in and post. Something, anything. Sometimes useful, sometimes fun, sometimes probably somewhat a waste of web space. But then baby bedtime comes and I am running around attending to things. Empty the dishwasher, make lactation cookies, work a bit, run upstairs to tend to the baby, etc.

Each night, I fall into bed. Ready for sleep, and just DONE. And many things (not just this) have to fall to the next day. As I go through the last check of my to do list and see the items that didn’t get done, I can do little about them. I ask if I did my best with the hours I had. Usually I did. And that’s all I can do!

May your lists all be checked off and your bed be comfy. Good night!

Insanity Week 5!

So. I haven’t seen scale results from Insanity. Insane, right (nope, doesn’t get old!)? But not really. I’m eating a TON to maintain breastfeeding. And I’m having trouble even with all of the calories. But, I am seeing other results, far more impressive than a silly number on a scale.

First, I am seeing definition in my upper abs. It’s a slight change, but a welcome one. They’re my abs. I just housed a human right about there. Lower abs will take more time, but progress is progress!

Second, I did TurboKick workouts last week and the jumps that used to be so annoying and tough were a lot easier! Look at me…hopping with ease! Want to do a tuck jump? Let’s do it!

And third, the results of my week 5 fit test. I did this one after dinner, not fresh in the morning. I really pushed myself and was impressed with my numbers! See for yourself…


So is it hard? Sure. Does it work? Oh yes. (Does it work if you don’t actually do the videos? No) I’m excited for the next few weeks!