Ugh Update

My last post was about how I’ve put on a bit of weight in the past few weeks and mostly that I felt just ugh.

It’s now 6 days after I took those pictures, and I wanted to give a little update!  On Monday, I started the 21 Day Fix Extreme with a group…

* After day 1, I felt more me and less ugh!  I was feeling cleaner and leaner after 1 day. This feeling is GOLD!
* After day 2, I noticed the difference in the mirror.  I’ll wait until the end to take pictures, but I no longer saw that tummy sticking out so much, and I was standing tall instead of what I’m now calling the “ugh slouch”.
* I weigh myself on Thursday mornings, so by day 4, I had lost over 2 lbs.
* By day 5, I felt noticeably more energized.  I’m sure it was happening all week, but I really noticed it Friday!
* On day 6, I decided to tell y’all about it when my daughter was napping before I finished my coffee!



This is one of the many reasons I love the 21 Day Fix and Fix Extreme. For me, the change is so immediate that it makes me want to keep going! I do the nutrition part of this program most of the time now, but sometimes I get too relaxed, or go away, or life happens and I get of track.  But it gets me right back on and shows me how good I can feel with clean food in the correct portions.  I need the structure!

Do you feel off track and need to reign it in to feel your best?  I’d love to have you in my next group!  You can apply here, and I’ll let you know that these programs are both discounted until the end of June.  So if you’re thinking of it, now may be the time to chat!  They have a 30 day money back guarantee, but I will let you know that no one has returned this one through me!  It’s simple and effective and you feel the results right away.  Gold.

Gotta Love a Sale!

Gotta Love a Sale!

My honest and ugh moment

I shared this on my facebook page, but if I’m being honest, I can’t leave it off here now can I?

Here’s some brutal honesty for me to share. Maybe you’ve been in my boat.

4 weeks - side

4 weeks – side

4 weeks - front

4 weeks – front

This is where I’ve gone to in the past 4 weeks since Body Beast. I have gained about 5.5 lbs with a week off-ish, 2 weeks to plan and a week of fairly poor choices partly on vacation. Not only did I notice the change in my body, but how I felt in general. You can almost see the ugh coming through (though I also took the pics after about 3 hours of sleep after a delayed flight home yesterday!). Workouts were on point, but eating? That’s the hard part!

Last Monday, my dog passed away and we took our daughter for frozen yogurt. They didn’t have the non-dairy option I was hoping for, and that set forth a week of excuses…if I’m eating dairy, I may as well have toppings. If I wasn’t on plan on Monday, and I’m going away Thursday, there goes Tuesday and Wednesday. And on. All excuses.

After a day back on track, I felt huge improvements. I felt slimmer. I felt cleaner. I felt better about myself. This is the feeling I need to remember! Just because one meal derails, doesn’t mean the rest of the week is shot. I had that part down before. I need to get it back! This is also why I need a plan. I need some structure in my eating, otherwise I make slightly poorer choices and it gets out of hand. That might not be you, but it is me!

I was so glad to come back to a group ready to go with me. We’re taking our 21 days to refocus our efforts. Portion control, paleo for some of us, clean eating all around.

Make good choices! If you’re feeling ugh and want to turn that around, go to and we’ll talk about getting you in on the next group.

The Weekend I Wore Clothes

It’s pretty well known that I exist mostly in workout clothes.  I change them into nicer workout clothes after I shower, but for the most part, I don’t usually get more fancy than street workout wear.

I have lost some weight, so I figured it was time to refresh a little.  But I have no style.  At least not past workout wear!  So I decided to sign up for Stitch Fix…have you heard of this?  They send you clothes to choose from and you can decide to keep them or send some back.  They’ll look at your pinterest, what you fill out on the site, and any other things you tell them (if you have something special coming up, etc.).  It’s $20 for them to “curate” your pics, which can be taken off any items you purchase, and there’s a 20% discount if you purchase all of them.

I got mine just before Mother’s Day weekend with lots of events to go to, including a wedding (not from Stitch Fix).  But what you want to see are the pictures, right?


What I wore to the wedding!


Top from Stitch Fix


Jacket from Stitch Fix


Top from Stitch Fix


White top and pants from Stitch Fix

I ended up keeping all of it.  The black pants were both out of my comfort zone and in it…Skinny pants, but like yoga pants in that they’re stretchy and have no zippers!

Have you tried a service like this?

A goodbye to Artoo

You may have seen that our pug, Artoo, passed away yesterday.  He was old and wasn’t getting around well.  It was upsetting him, so it is good that he doesn’t have to suffer through it now.

We have lots of good memories of the almost 6 years since we rescued him and he will be hugely missed!

Artoo Collage

If I find a good way to have a child understand, I’ll let you know.  We gave her the truth, but of course it makes no sense.  Poor thing.  Advice is welcome!

Get a Jump Start!

So, I had a major computer crash this week.  No excuses, but that and some other time-sensitive items have kept me from here.  I have a few things to note though, so before we get back to normal, let me tell you what you need to know!

First, there’s the Summer Sale!  Who doesn’t love a sale?!? Click on over for the most current info on what’s in stock, but there’s the jump mat I love (and has lasted me 2 years of workouts so far), resistance bands, workout programs, the crazy rumble roller, weights…up to 85% off.  If nothing there looks good to you, don’t forget that my game changing program, 21 Day Fix, and the follow up program are also on sale this month.  Or get in touch with me to talk about what would work best for you!

sale, fitness, workout gear

The Rumble Roller!

Then, there’s a special training starting tomorrow…the quickest of quick new coach trainings to get you up and running in no time!  If you are super motivated and want to take a leap into making fitness more of your life or looking for extra accountability, get involved in helping others on their path!  You can check out all about being a coach here, and fill out the link at the bottom if it sounds like fun!

fitness business, work from home

And wait (there’s more!)…tomorrow, June 15th, for everyone who tries the sneak peek of Shaun T’s new program Cize (releases in July!) $50 will be donated How can you do this for free? Go to and sign up for a 30 day free trial for streaming workouts whenever you want them.


Okay, that’s what I have for now.  I have a lot more to tell you (including the weekend I got dressed in non-workout clothes every day…a month ago!), and now that you’re caught up I can get on those.

Iced Mocha!



Need an energy boost?  This concoction has two of my favorite kicks to perk me right up and tastes like a treat.

Dessert? check!
Energy? check!
Healthy? check!

Fits all the requirements for me!  I used instant coffee because who has time to wait for brewed coffee to cool?  Not me!

iced mocha, vanilla shakeology


If you’re like me and can’t wait for coffee to chill, maybe you’re a busy lifer too!  I’m running a group starting a week from today to get us all on track with fitting in fitness, nutrition and taking care of ourselves into our schedules.  It’s all about making it easy!  When it’s easy, it can fit into your day and become routine.  Healthy routines are where the success is!  When this becomes your lifestyle, it isn’t a question of being “on” or “off”, it’s just how you are.  Let’s all get there!  Contact me for info!

Busy life challenge

Two bags and a baby…might be busy!

21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix Extreme Hybrid

When I finished Body Beast, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to get into next.  I knew I wanted 21 Day Fix eating, but I wasn’t sure what workouts to do.

I saw a schedule with a hybrid of the 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix Extreme workouts that looked good, but didn’t completely work for me, so I created my own.  It’s super simple, taking the structure of the Extreme schedule and alternating days between the programs.  This will take me to when I wanted to do a round of the Extreme program, so it’s perfect for what I was looking for.

21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix Extreme hybrid


So this is what I’m working through now!  I’ve fully committed to the 21 Day Fix eating for the next 3 weeks and really want to get it done.  It can be frustrating when you realize that you have so many tools to reach your fitness goals and aren’t using them to their potential!

Are you using your tools to their potential?  What are you waiting for?