Comparing Pregnancies 2 – Workouts

I’ve been thinking a ton about my pregnancies since my first post comparing them, so here goes another!

Last time, I scoured the world for prenatal workouts that were challenging, but not crazy.  I had found a lot of lighter workouts and a lot of people trying to not change a thing from their normal workout routine, and I was in the middle…a big part of why I started this blog (and you can find some pregnancy-specific workouts here).  I liked a lot of them, and could do things like go to a lot of prenatal yoga, go to the pool alone to workout, etc, without another child!

So, take 2…by this time, I had a lot more experience as an exerciser, fitness motivator and group exercise instructor.  And I was teaching 3 (non-prenatal) classes a week.  So I knew that I would be doing my share of “regular” workouts.  When I found out I was pregnant, I was doing a workout program called Hammer and Chisel.  And I loved it.  And I was sharing about it.  And I didn’t want to tell the world I was pregnant yet!  So I kept it up.  I only needed to modify slightly (usually more because I’m clumsy and didn’t want to hurt the well protected baby than anything), and I started a new round after the first one was over, taking my time so I could also practice for my classes and not stress too much about sticking to schedule.

Then, I got tired.  Like super crazy, staring into space, falling asleep mid-sentence tired.  And I needed to streamline my mornings as much as possible.  So I decided to check out 22 Minute Hard Corps for the 22 minute factor, changing out some of the workouts to do Active Maternity workouts (available streaming – free 30 day trial here) on days where I just didn’t want to modify from the videos.

It was moving time next, and I needed no equipment workouts to get me through packing and unpacking.  So I went to the same program I had done while moving a year ago, Cize…dancing it up in my living room/gym/wherever was available.  This is also around when I stopped teaching.  It was getting harder to show moves, breathe, cue, etc, and with the move, I was going to be driving longer than the class to get there and back.

After that, I had about 10 weeks to go!  Closing in!  So I went nutty and decided to do T25 for those 10 weeks.  Again, for short workouts, and remembering that there was a modifier at all times.  The first 5 weeks were great…I modified the workouts, but could mostly stick to the modifications shown.  I replaced the ab days with Active Maternity or another prenatal workout, and it was all going great.  Until Beta, the name of the second 5 weeks.  It was just too much for me to modify, especially at 430 am!  Sometimes, that’s just too early for thinking!  So I moved on…with 30 days to go.

Now, I’m back to dancing, this time to Country music with Country Heat. Sometimes I even share videos of how that goes.  You know you want to watch the pregnant chick dance to music she doesn’t listen to!  I have about 2 weeks to the end of the schedule and the due date of this baby.  I may finish, I may not.

But I’m going to keep doing my best.

The Master’s Hammer and Chisel – Hammer Build Up

The last of the Hammer and Chisel workouts that I’ll be going through! This is one of the deluxe workouts, which I wasn’t going to get into, but then my daughter was up for this one, so I had to record!

The deluxe workouts are on the schedule as optional add ons – Hammer Build Up (30 min), Power Chisel (30 min), 15 Minute Leg Hammer and 15 Minute Glute Chisel.  There is an 8lb ball that is used a lot in these, but it isn’t required.

Hammer Build Up does most things for 30 seconds (some single sided exercises switch at 15).  It hits everything in a short period of time…a great one to pull out if you are short on time and need to get it done!

Length – 30 minutes
Trainer – Sagi Kalev
Equipment – Bench, Weights, Medicine Ball, B-Lines Resistance Band or Towel, Chin-Up Bar or Bands with door attachment kit

Quick video with guest star!

Front Back Lunge
Reverse Grip Row
Reverse Fly
1-Hand Push-Up
Bench Fly
Feet on Ball Push-Up
Incline Press
Ball Military Press
Lateral Raise
Upright Row
Anterior Raise
Standard Curl
Hammer Curl
Concentration Curl
Rotation Curl
Skull Crusher
Ball Plank Hold
Ball Mountain Climber
Windshield Wipers

The Master’s Hammer and Chisel – Max Hammer Strength

Moving along, it’s the last of the regular program workouts from The Master’s Hammer and Chisel!  I have one more video to share from the deluxe workouts, but we’ve covered the basics.  I posted them in no particular order, but there really isn’t an order here!  The schedule is planned, but it doesn’t follow a pattern…so great to beat the boredom!

What’s this workout about?  Pre-fatigue major muscle groups and follow it up with a maximum weighted lift to carve incredible definition and get you strong.  So, you use body weight to fatigue the muscle for a minute, then you go all out and lift heavy for 8 reps.  And when he says heavy, he means heavy!  Then it’s on to another muscle!

Doing this program pregnant, there were some moves where I quit the bench as I like to say.  With this workout, the split squats were too much once my balance and flexibility were questioned.

Equipment – Bench or Stability Ball, Weights, B-Lines Resistance Band, Chin-Up Bar or Bands with door attachment kit (Optional – Chin Up Max)WORKOUT DESCRIPTION:Pre-fatigue major muscle groups and follow it up with a maximum weighted lift to carve incredible definition and get you strong.
Length – 40 minutes
Trainer – Sagi Kalev

Here’s a quick snippet from my workout…

And the list of exercises:
Reverse Lunge
Reverse Lunge – Heavy
Bench Press – Heavy
Shoulder Squat – Heavy
Pullover – Heavy
Good Morning
Stiff Leg Deadlift – Heavy
1-Arm Row  Heavy
Stay Low Sumo
Sumo Squat – Heavy
Band Military Press
Military Press – Heavy
Split Squat
Step-Up – Heavy
Ledge Calf Raise
Calf Raise – Heavy

Hammer and Chisel – Chisel Cardio

Another Hammer and Chisel review! Are you liking these?

I love this program and you can see that each workout is a little different with these reviews!  And this one is no different!  Cardio, but lots of weights used!  Gotta love it!  Get your heart pumping and incinerate fat with this calorie-scorching, non-stop cardio burner.

Equipment – Bench, Weights, Chin-Up Bar or Bands with door attachment kit (Optional – Chin-Up Max, Beachbody Core Comfort Mat)
Length – 40 minutes
Trainer – Autumn Calabrese

What are we doing here?  2 rounds, each move for a minute!  Check out the video for a few moves (and a howdy from my husband!):

And a list:
Over The Top
Dumbbell Swing
Figure 8
Sword Pull
Forearm Plank Kick
Side Step-Up Kick

I love the swings!!  This is my speed of cardio if not kickboxing…feels like lifting, burns up the calories!

What’s your cardio?

The Master’s Hammer and Chisel – ISO Strength Chisel

Moving along with the Hammer and Chisel reviews (slowest pace ever, but they’re coming!), we have ISO Strength Chisel!  This one’s description is “Full range-of-motion moves and isometric holds build strength and chisel fat for your leanest physique.”  What does that mean?  You’ll be sore tomorrow! (Try the Recover formula for that!)

But really, it means that you’ll both be working through the exercises with reps and holding in the position as well, working the muscles in different ways, plus basically exhausting them.  In just 35 minutes!  I like that it is hard, but short, and that once a muscle is just physically done, you move on.  Really knocks it out of the park without a lot of mental stress, which is nice when you workout super early!

A video of a few of the moves from this workout:

Length – 35 Minutes
Equipment – Bench, Weights, Chin-Up Bar or Bands with door attachment kit
Trainer – Autumn Calabrese

Each move has the same pattern – 10 reps followed by a 10 second hold, done a total of three times with no rest
– Sumo Squat
– Push-Up
– Split Squat
– Pull-Up
– Step-Up Side
– 1-Arm Row
– Sit-Up C-Curve
– Lateral Raise

The Master’s Hammer and Chisel – Hammer Plyometrics

Continuing the Hammer and Chisel workout reviews!  If you’re impatient, you can probably assume I loved them.  Today is one I actually have both modified and chosen the alternately scheduled workout on it.  But it isn’t that I don’t like it!  It’s more that I’m pregnant and uncomfortable with the plyometrics.  I’ve skipped using the bench on many moves as my “bench” isn’t quite long enough for some.  But there are always non-bench modifications shown!  So no biggie, I switch it up.

One thing that doesn’t make me want to shy away from choosing this workout is the length!  About 26 minutes.  Gotta love a workout that you feel WORKED! in under 30 minutes!  Where are my busy moms??  So, here are the workout stats…

Length: 26 minutes

Equipment: Bench, Weights, Resistance Band or Towel, Chin-Up Bar (and Chin-Up Max if you use that) or Bands with door attachment kit

Description: Fire up your fast-twitch muscles to develop force, speed, and power with total-body jump training.

Here’s a quick video of some of the moves:

So, you go through moves for 30 seconds for 2 rounds.  Yup, you get to go back and do it all again!

Vertical Jump
Burpee Pull-Up
Leg In & Outs
Plyo Push-Up Taps
Crazy Horse
Chin-Up Crunch Squat Jump
Knee Driver
Sumo Tuck Jump
Lunge Lunge Squat

Super quick, and you’re done!

Hammer and Chisel Results

I know I need to get back to my Hammer and Chisel workout posts, but first up is the results…

60 days.  I found out I was pregnant at about day 20, was constantly nauseous and ate mostly carbs for the last 30!  So my results aren’t mindblowing or anything, but they show progress and I am proud of how it turned out.

I have seen so many other people’s results that are fantastic…I look forward to doing this all out after having the baby.  I shared one of these people’s fantastic results on my Facebook page ( you can check out my transformations album here!) but here, you get mine…

Hammer and Chisel front Pregnant lady Hammer and Chisel Results - side

I am doing the program again now, not taking myself too seriously, and taking a few extra days so I can also practice for teaching PiYo and TurboKick classes.  I have to fit it in without overworking myself!  I love the program’s variety and effectiveness….I mean, there’s a small human in there!

So, it’s Valentine’s Day weekend and I also wanted to let you know that I’m spending it giving out gits!

Valentines Day

This weekend only! From now to 11:59 ET Monday, I’ll be giving a Valentine’s Day Gift to anyone who…

🌟 bundles up a program, 30 days of Shakeology (or in some cases, pre workout and post workout nutrition), 30 days of Beachbody on Demand and support in achallenge pack
🌟 gets Shakeology to be auto delivered monthly
🌟 gets that pre workout and post workout nutrition to be auto delivered monthly
🌟 decides to help others on their journey and join our team

I hope you get some time with your Valentine, or use this as a day to celebrate YOU!

The Masters Hammer and Chisel – Chisel Agility

Moving along with the Masters Hammer and Chisel workouts, today we have Chisel Agility!

You know a workout will be a challenge when there’s no equipment!  This one is super cardio focused, but on moving those feet and using that brain!!  It’s the moves below, 60 seconds each for 2 rounds.

Equipment: None

Time: 40 minutes


-High Knees / Fast Tire Feet
Plank X Taps (calling out tapping your feet and hands)
Shuffle / Grapevine
Lateral Squat Hop
Multidirectional Lunge
Rotating Squat Jump
Skater Triangle
Diagonal Jump Lunge
Circle In & Out (fast feet, tapping into a circle while moving around the circle)
Directional Squat Jump (calling out front, left, right, back.)

Here’s a video of some of the moves!

The Master’s Hammer and Chisel – Hammer Conditioning

Back to the Hammer and Chisel workouts!!  I’ve been doing them, videoing them, and then nothing!

The description of this workout is to improve relative strength, balance, and coordination with challenging compound moves.  So lots of different movements done together!  You an check out a few in the video!

Equipment needed:  Weights, Resistance Band or Towel

Clock Push Up Crunch
Side Lunge Row
Fly Lunge Twist
Sumo Squat Press
Burpee Renegade Upright Row
Stiff Leg Deadlift Crunch
Plank Raise Tap Crunch
Reverse Lunge Curl Kickback

Each are done 2x, either repeated or switching sides for 12 reps.

The workout is about 30 minutes and goes quick!

The Master’s Hammer and Chisel – Iso Speed Hammer

Today’s Master’s Hammer and Chisel workout was ISO Speed Hammer.  Check out my first of the workout posts for more information!

This workout is a tempo based isometric workout.  We do the movements below 1 up, 3 down (for the most part) for 10 reps, then 10 fast reps.  Then we move on to the next move…makes total sense, right?  You can check out the video to get an idea.

Equipment: Bench or Stability Ball, Weights, Resistance Band, Chin-Up Bar or Bands with door attachment kit

Length – 25 minutes

Here are the moves:

Static Lunge (L&R)
Side Lateral Raise
Sumo Squat
Rear Delt Cross Fly
Pistol Squat (L&R)
Biceps Curl Face Down
Calf Raises
Tricep Kickback with Twist

And the video!

This is nice and short…about 25 minutes!  Definitely feel worked though!