Body Beast Results – Round 2…plus Equipment!

So, I finished round 2 (last one finished in November 2014) of Body Beast!  Lifting heavy, at home (though you can easily bring it to the gym now with the streaming workouts!), with fairly minimal equipment.  I gained 2 lbs, but it’s definitely muscle.  I am fitting in clothes that I’ve never been able to wear. Not before I was pregnant, not when I bought them (most were bought at an outlet when I was feeling close, so they almost fit, but not really wearable comfortably).

I only regret not taking flexed before pictures.  It doesn’t show as well in the pictures without flexing, but I hope you’ll take my word for it.  I feel strong and fit, and like I’m no longer losing baby weight, just going on my usual path to a fitter me.

Body Beast results, home workout results Body Beast Round 2 side

I’m going back to the 21 Day Fix with a twist on a hybrid Fix and Fix Extreme workouts and it’s nice to have short workouts.  I love both Body Beast and these quick effective workouts.  I know they’re completely different, but I really enjoy both styles and both eating plans!  Choosing is so hard.  It’s a good problem to have!  I expect to do another Body Beast round before this year ends.

Now, for the equipment!  Everyone asks that…I’m sure because it’s a tough concept.  How will you get the resistance at home without having a stocked home gym??

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments!  I’d love to hear from you!!

Three Awesome Years!

I’ve got two videos and some deals for you today.  First, a little glimpse into how I have changed as a result of the past three years!

Next up, delicious coffee!  I know I love coffee…I drink 2 cups most days!  This is super good plus has some protein!

Now, it’s May 19th, but here are the May challenge pack deals!

INSANITY MAX:30 and Shakeology Challenge Pack – Quick 30 minute workouts, trying to push yourself to the Max!  Here are my results. The INSANITY MAX:30 Kickstart (includes the 3-Day Refresh) and Shakeology Challenge Pack is also one of the deals
Body Beast and Shakeology Challenge Pack – You know I love this one!  I’m finishing up my last week of this round now!  I feel super strong!
PiYo and Shakeology Challenge Pack – It’s the most fun yoga you’re going to find…low impact but you’ll sweat! The PiYo Kickstart  (includes the 3-Day Refresh) and Shakeology Challenge Pack is on the list too
Ultimate Reset and Shakeology Challenge Pack – A 21 day whole food cleanse!
You can also save on the 3-Day Refresh this month (my results here)!   I bought it for myself! And more and more programs are being added to the streaming workout site.

That’s a lot!  If you have questions or what to chat about your fitness goals, I’m here for you.  Stay healthy!

Weighing Your Food

Two videos in two days!  No way!

But it’s true!  I made a video today to answer the ever asked question of “why should I weigh my food?”  The truth is, you don’t always have to.  But when you’re counting macros, you can easily get quite a bit off with just a little difference!

What I measured

What I measured

What is on the package

What is on the package

So here, the biggest difference is in carbs.  If you’re trying to hit macros in +/- 5g, 2 in one item can really add up over the day.  So weighing is really important.

That being said, I don’t bring a scale around with me (though you have heard about how much I love it before!), but that’s part of it as well…weigh where you can so that the other times don’t have as much effect!  Just a note, it’s funny how much I love food scales with how much I dislike the bathroom scale!

Do you weigh your food?

Body Beast – What I’m Eating

So many people as me what I’m eating, so I made a quick video to go through what I ate today!  I’m in the Body Beast Beast phase, where you drop your calories and carbs to lean out and show the amazing muscles you created.  Here’s what was in my lunch bag for the bulking phase!

I’m feeling good and can’t wait to see the final results in less than 2 weeks!

I haven’t posted the May deals yet, but you can check them out here.  Body Beast is one of them this month!  I’m excited to share this program with more people because it is a crazy one…in a different way from other home workouts!  Lifting heavy, in your living room.  Maybe with your pug!  And discounted this month with Shakeology!

pug, body beast, home workout

Artoo and Allison Beast Up!

Happy Mother’s Day!!

Happy day to all of the mommas out there…you’re wonderful and amazing!

I was reflecting on something the other day, where I had received a particularly nasty comment…I know that with putting a lot of my life and journey out there, I open myself up to that, but it can still sting.  I wont bring back up what was said, but I’m going to take this chance to share what’s on my mind about moms and fitness.

Some moms lose weight easily after having a baby…especially with breastfeeding.  Some moms can’t lose at all after a baby…especially while breastfeeding.

Some moms choose to go all out and focus on getting their body back.  Some choose to go slower.

Some moms are struggling with extra weight for the first time.  Some have been on this journey for their entire lives.

They are all doing their best for them and their families.  Whichever way they do it.


Whichever mom you are, I hope that you try to keep healthy habits for yourself.  Because you are worth it.  And everyone benefits when mommy is healthy.

How much time does it take a day?

I get this question often enough to answer in video, but I decided to do it while on vacation because it did prove a point, and was good timing with the preview of coaching our team has this week!

So, how much of your time do you have to devote to coaching?

Now, if you really want to know how much time day to day (not on vacation) I spend, it varies.  See, I love it.  I let coaching take up whatever time I can give it on a given day.  Some days, it’s an hour, some days several.  It doesn’t feel like work though…it’s fun!  And the freedom to set my own hours and limits is amazing.

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If you are looking to help others on their fitness journey, and have some financial freedom for yourself, fill out the contact form to request to be included!


This post is brought to you from the plane home! I have a few general and fit tips that I wanted to share.  No time like free in flight wifi right?

First, I have a rule that I always workout on days I fly.  Sometimes that means I wake up crazy early, but it really helps me out! 

Next up, is to bring some comfort from home to help you create the illusion of routine.  I know you don’t need another blender and Shakeology picture!  But I also often pack a candle if I’m away for a while, and I bring my microfiber hair towel so I know I can dry my curls.

Little things!  

We like to plan enough of our trips to be prepared without having so much planned that we can’t be flexible.  With that, I also research out some options for places to go and things to see so that our flexible time isn’t spent researching.

We looked at gyms, places to eat, things to do, etc all before we went.  Though we ended up using about half these things, they were good to know!

Also, keep plastic baggies in your luggage to reuse each trip.  You never know when you’ll need them! Small thing that’s great to have.

And the number one thing…hydrate! Bring a water bottle and fill it often! 

What are your tips for travel?