Glitter Makes Everything Better!

I have a crafty brain.  Usually, it ends there, with an idea of what I could do, but not a lot of follow through.  So when I told my husband I’d decided to re-vinyl a card table, he told me to buy a new one.  I wasn’t surprised.

But once I got the idea for a sparkly black table top, it was hard to change that!

I’ve been using this card table as a second space in my office for a few months.  It’s a place for my daughter to come and “work” with me, and I’m also using it more in the new house to do anything on the laptop.  And its past life was as a table for parties, most recently to give away beer mugs at our last party before moving out of NY.  It showed!

Photo Jul 10, 7 05 01 AM

Current set up…mommy and daughter desk!

Photo Jul 10, 7 05 13 AM

I bought some sparkly black vinyl on amazon (a yard would have done it…I bought 3!) and a glue gun (if you know me, you know I’m not a fan of glue guns.  But I’m not a great fan of staple guns either) and only let it sit about a week before deciding to get to work!  Sunday morning, feeling productive after a Saturday that wasn’t, I got to it before my daughter woke up.



It was a pretty easy process, so I didn’t photograph the steps, but if you want to refinish a similar table (quickly and easily!), here’s what I did…

1 – Take the top off the legs.  This was something I double checked before buying the vinyl because I was worried about the ease of doing it.  16 screws, and it was separate.
2 – Cut the vinyl a bit larger than the table top.  I went about 2″ extra, then trimmed some off after it was attached.  Then round off your corners so you don’t have a ton of extra when you’re working with them.
3 – You could take the original covering off, but I didn’t.  I was going for as easy as possible!
4 – Start gluing.  I did a line of hot glue at the line that the staples were on the original covering.  Half a side at a time, filling in if I noticed anything hadn’t adhered.  I did opposite sides first so I could pull it taut.
5 – Glue down the corners.  Mine aren’t hugely pretty, but they were easy and look fine from the top!  I put some glue down and pulled the vinyl over it, letting it come up where it did while making sure as much as possible was glued down.
6 – Trim any excess.
7 – Reconnect the legs.

Photo Jul 10, 8 04 47 AM Photo Jul 10, 8 04 38 AM

My daughter woke up while I reconnected them and was curious what was going on here.  I gave her a little peek at the top and she LOVED it!  A little sparkle goes a long way with her!  And it feels so much more like a piece chosen for the office than a piece we had in the garage.   I know it’s hard to tell the difference in my super pictures, but it’s amazing!  Here’s a pic with the before and after…

Photo Jul 10, 3 27 57 PM

Things I could have done that I didn’t…as I mentioned, removing the old covering, using a staple gun, spray painting the legs.  All great, but all would have caused me to put this on hold longer!  Something I may still do…cover the chair cushions as well (which was part of the reason I bought extra vinyl…also for mistakes!).  But for now, this is good and we love it!


What do you do when your child’s school has a “Wear Green for Reptiles” day and you have a reptile?  For me, I made her a shirt.

I had some iron on printer paper, and while it works alright, it isn’t that great.  I wouldn’t use this route if you wanted to wear something many times, but for a child who will likely grow out of this shirt soon anyway, it didn’t seem like a gamble.  It was really simple to do, so I’ll go through it for you.

First, get the paper and shirt.  I used this paper and got a mint green shirt at Carter’s.  I had seen a similar top at Target, but it was ribbed and I didn’t think that was a good starting point!

Then, get a picture or image.  I took this one of our Gilligan to start out.


Then I used picmonkey and the Avery Design and Print site to create the printable.  For this, I liked using their tool because they know to flip the image for the iron on! I’d likely forget otherwise.  I cropped the picture and added text with picmonkey and then added a border with the Avery site.  And printed the result.

after the picmonkey step

after the picmonkey step

Then I followed the instructions for the iron on…I wont go through that in case you have different paper.


I think it came out pretty well!  She liked having her pet on her shirt, though I think she forgot unless looking in a mirror.  And she was the only one who wore green in her class, which is the usual.  But we had fun with it!  Today is pajama day, and I don’t think I’m going to go with that.  No one does!

I like it!

I like it!

It has some cracks in it already, but I still think it’s cute.

What would you iron on?

So Crafty…

Or not. I have some basic ability to sew and otherwise create but I am not exactly creative. And I am not exactly great at sewing (please see my couch pillow covers which need constant seam fixes). On occasion though, I find some things I want to make and see what happens. As I’m sure you can guess, Pinterest fuels this sometimes. Doesn’t it for all?

First, the project that didn’t work. A nursing shawl that seemed simple enough with just one straight line to sew. But making it out of knit proved difficult and I can’t get it to look as lovely as it does in the picture. I plan to try this one again in the near future, depending on nap times as everything does these days.

Next the one that worked well enough to see the light of day. I had wanted baby leg warmers but didn’t want to spend a lot. I looked a bit on Etsy and saw both some items to order and a bunch of leg warmers made out of target socks that were on clearance. Back to pinterest I went and found this tutorial. The first set, I tried using the sewing machine. Not so easy on a sock! I then tried it by hand, which worked well but seemed like the thread might break. I picked up some elastic thread yesterday and now have made two pairs, which came out well enough to be worn on a baby. At least my baby. I wont be attempting to sell them to others or give them as gifts or anything.

Here are some pics of the process…


Socks to start


One sock cut


Using the foot – fold in like a tube (starts as right, goes to left)


Sock goes into tube


Pinned to keep proper layers together and help rolling


Done. One still folded up, the other unfolded


Different pair, same process!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Workout Tuesday – TurboFire Fire30 and Sculpt30
Workout today – TurboFire Fire30 and Tone30

Took a rest day Wednesday!