From a non-sleeper to a sleepy head

I promise that I won’t spend forever comparing child 1 to child 2, but it is amazing how different they are.

My first screamed for 8 weeks.  Morning, noon, night.  Slept from about 2:30am-5 am and that’s it.

This guy falls asleep at the drop of a hat.  And it’s actually a problem.

He falls asleep while nursing, which isn’t great for either of us.  He never gets full, I never get empty.  So I’m working with a lactation consultant to fix it.  A sample of my time…

1- feed baby, switching sides when he falls asleep and stops swallowing.  He looks to be so content, but will wake up hungry in a few minutes!

2-baby gets a small bottle of breastmilk

3-I pump after trying to get the baby comfy and content…usually sleeping

4-In between time…last round was putting my daughter to bed.

And right after that, back to step 1!  

This should be a short term thing, but right now, it’s dominating our days!  So if you don’t hear a peep out of me for a bit…you know where I am.

Happy Sunday!

Baby boy arrived!

Well, he’s already 11 days old, but I’ve been busy spending all my time with him!

I didn’t even finish comparing my pregnancies before it was time to compare kids! I had him at 39 weeks and 1 day…very different from 41 weeks and 1 day with my daughter.  And when he decided to join us, he was here fast and fierce!

I had some contractions on Wednesday, the 24th, but nothing too notable.  Even at 2am Thursday, contractions were 7 minutes apart.

He was born in less than 2.5 hours!

So now we get to enjoy this little dude, and figure him out.  Compared to our daughter, who screamed the first 8 weeks of life, was never really a newborn, and didn’t sleep (would have cut into her screaming!), this guy is pretty calm and content.  We expect that this means he’ll be a challenge as he gets moving!

Some pictures from these first few days…

our first walk