Comparing Pregnancies 2 – Workouts

I’ve been thinking a ton about my pregnancies since my first post comparing them, so here goes another!

Last time, I scoured the world for prenatal workouts that were challenging, but not crazy.  I had found a lot of lighter workouts and a lot of people trying to not change a thing from their normal workout routine, and I was in the middle…a big part of why I started this blog (and you can find some pregnancy-specific workouts here).  I liked a lot of them, and could do things like go to a lot of prenatal yoga, go to the pool alone to workout, etc, without another child!

So, take 2…by this time, I had a lot more experience as an exerciser, fitness motivator and group exercise instructor.  And I was teaching 3 (non-prenatal) classes a week.  So I knew that I would be doing my share of “regular” workouts.  When I found out I was pregnant, I was doing a workout program called Hammer and Chisel.  And I loved it.  And I was sharing about it.  And I didn’t want to tell the world I was pregnant yet!  So I kept it up.  I only needed to modify slightly (usually more because I’m clumsy and didn’t want to hurt the well protected baby than anything), and I started a new round after the first one was over, taking my time so I could also practice for my classes and not stress too much about sticking to schedule.

Then, I got tired.  Like super crazy, staring into space, falling asleep mid-sentence tired.  And I needed to streamline my mornings as much as possible.  So I decided to check out 22 Minute Hard Corps for the 22 minute factor, changing out some of the workouts to do Active Maternity workouts (available streaming – free 30 day trial here) on days where I just didn’t want to modify from the videos.

It was moving time next, and I needed no equipment workouts to get me through packing and unpacking.  So I went to the same program I had done while moving a year ago, Cize…dancing it up in my living room/gym/wherever was available.  This is also around when I stopped teaching.  It was getting harder to show moves, breathe, cue, etc, and with the move, I was going to be driving longer than the class to get there and back.

After that, I had about 10 weeks to go!  Closing in!  So I went nutty and decided to do T25 for those 10 weeks.  Again, for short workouts, and remembering that there was a modifier at all times.  The first 5 weeks were great…I modified the workouts, but could mostly stick to the modifications shown.  I replaced the ab days with Active Maternity or another prenatal workout, and it was all going great.  Until Beta, the name of the second 5 weeks.  It was just too much for me to modify, especially at 430 am!  Sometimes, that’s just too early for thinking!  So I moved on…with 30 days to go.

Now, I’m back to dancing, this time to Country music with Country Heat. Sometimes I even share videos of how that goes.  You know you want to watch the pregnant chick dance to music she doesn’t listen to!  I have about 2 weeks to the end of the schedule and the due date of this baby.  I may finish, I may not.

But I’m going to keep doing my best.

Comparing pregnancies

Yesterday, something crazy happened to me.
I was told that I’m someone “smaller” at my doctor’s appointment. Never has that happened. (Apparently, machines pick up more contractions if you’re smaller weight wise).
What’s the difference that I’ve made in my pregnancies? 
🔹I was about the same weight to start, but while I had been pushing myself to be there with my first, I had been about the same weight for a while with my second. With my first, I immediately gained 10lbs even before my first doctor’s appointment.  

🔹I didn’t like food much with either, and feel like I actually ate a bit better with my first. This time, I’m more food averse and a lot of foods leave an awful aftertaste. But this time around, I have my shakes, which means that a) I’m filling nutritional gaps and b) while I’m eating less healthy in general, I’m likely eating less calories.

🔹Some say it’s girl vs boy 

🔹 I have overall healthier habits this time around. I was starting out from not just a better weight position, but healthier and more positive in general.

Here’s a front and side view…36 + weeks and you still can’t always tell from the front…

Check out my (non maternity) athleta tank, still going strong.

I’ll be posting some more about other differences also!

The End of a (Short) Era

Today marks the end of a short, but awesome era in my life…my current stint as a fitness instructor.  Though I’m sure I’ll be back, it will be somewhere new, with different people and after baby.

I started taking some classes when we moved here that were in formats that I was certified to teach, but hadn’t (I taught Insanity for about 2 months a while ago, but not TurboKick or PiYo).  I subbed for the instructor a few times.  And then, she moved.  So I got to take over those classes.  For the past 7 months, it has been both wonderful and a little stressful.  Adding 3 hours of classes, plus prepping, plus the extra energy of giving it your all some days when you don’t have it, was a welcome strain.  I always left feeling amazing!

Me after teaching TurboKick a month ago!

Me after teaching TurboKick a month ago!

But, with moving (a traffic filled) 20+ miles away and being 29 weeks pregnant, it was time.  It’s been harder to show full moves.  I spent half of Wednesday night’s class talking them through the moves with terrible heart burn.  I’m constantly reminding them to do as I say, not as I do.  While my class participants are super supportive, I’m sure it’s starting to detract from their workout, if not only by being distracting.

So, this morning is my last PiYo class.  And then I’ll move on.  But I will take this experience with me as an amazing one and will use all the good feeling for it to get me started again after this kiddo arrives.  Because more than anything, I love to share the ways I fit fun in my fitness.  Sharing that with others is what I’m here to do.

If you want to try a class near you, look here for others…


piyo live2


Or hit up any of the home programs if you can’t make it to a class or prefer working out at home!

For Turbo Kick

For PiYo:


For Insanity:


The original


Max Out in 30 Minutes

Hopefully, this means more posts though 🙂

See you soon!

How my usual eating has helped my pregnancy eating…

27 Weeks and all is mostly well…

File Jun 03, 6 58 30 AM

But, I hate food.  All food.  Especially vegetables (unless prepared by someone else!).  Nothing is appetizing and even if I think I want something, it doesn’t taste like I thought it would.

I’m still eating pretty well though.  I’d been using the 21 Day Fix eating plan for most of 2 years prior to finding out I was pregnant.  The plan isn’t about 21 days and done, it’s 21 days to make it a habit…and habit it is for me!  Even with the food issues, I’m measuring foods in my containers, trying to sneak vegetables in when I can, and making smart choices out and about.


Some examples…ordering a salad when out to eat last night, knowing that the pizza might look good on the menu but that it wont taste as good as it looks.  Trading my hard boiled eggs for egg muffins made with vegetables.  Adding fruits and vegetables to my Shakeology.  And of course, keeping portions in check!

Moral of the story?  Creating healthy habits help when life gets in the way!

Here’s one of my recent hidden-ish vegetable meals that I brought to a friend’s house…my favorite to share!  For the recipe, sign up for my newsletter!

File Jun 01, 9 00 04 PM

Well, hey there!

I know it’s been ages without a post.  One of those “so many little things, big things, where do I start” things.  But I’m still kickin’!

And so is the kiddo!  I’ll be 26 weeks with this little boy on Wednesday.  I’m gaining a lot slower than my first pregnancy and I feel great most days.  I’m still working out, teaching fitness classes (until 6/18!), drinking Shakeology (or eating it…cold shakes often sound terrible!) and doing my best to eat well.

File May 23, 7 04 39 AM

I don’t look very pregnant from the front, but the side view gives me away!

We also closed on our new house in a week that was great with the house but had a definite balance with some terrible news (sorry for the vagueness…all is well at the AGF house but I’m not sure I’ll manage typing the words).  We don’t plan to move just yet, but will be living there soon!

New House!

New House!

So there’s the bigger stuff, and hopefully that will get me onto the smaller stuff!

My favorite maternity workout wear! (with discount!)

So, story time!

When I started needing some new clothes for my expanding belly, I really didn’t want to spend much.  I looked for deals, bought some things and a lot worked.

Workout pants?  Did not!

Now, I know that last time I LOVED the pants and tops from For Two Fitness but I resisted until I saw a discount available.  And then it was…why did I wait to get these???  Why did I spend money on other clothes that I don’t love and that don’t fit as well…super important for someone teaching fitness classes!  I don’t want to be focused on fixing my pants all the time.  No one wants an instructor adjusting!

I love the tanks too…they expand well to fit the belly (I wore them my whole first pregnancy!) and are super cute!

So I went and did some shopping over there and saw that they have an ambassador program…and was approved, which means I get to offer a discount to you!!

My shopping haul...take 1!

My shopping haul…take 1!

So, fit pregnant friends… use code AGF25 for 25% off merchandise, excluding gift cards, from now through May 13th!

I’m off to do some more shopping…show me what you get!!

Am I working out?

You betcha!

If you follow me on facebook, you’ve seen post workout pics many days…and I promise, I actually worked out!  I feel better when I do fit it in, as long as I’m listening to my body.  And I’m still teaching 3 fitness classes a week (I’m just over 20 weeks!).  So I keep moving!

You can check out some of my Pregnancy Workouts, mostly from last time, plus I’ve added the Active Maternity series that I’m working in as I can…

Active Maternity

But, if you’ve noticed, I’ve updated the workouts I’m doing in the side…22 Minute Hard Corps!  Would I recommend it as a prenatal workout? No!  But can it be done? Yes…if a) your doctor approves, b) you worked out similarly before and c) you’re knowledgeable about modifying for pregnancy!  There are modifiers, but they are making it more of a beginner level…which doesn’t necessarily mean safe for pregnancy!

There’s a lot I have to modify, but it’s totally worth it for the extra sleep a 22 minute workout affords!  I was exhausted and getting nothing done ever.  So now, I have a little more energy during the day because I’m sleeping in until 5:30!  That may seem early, but I’m a 4am-er usually.  This has been a great way to still get in a workout.

The workouts are functional, military inspired moves, done for 3 rounds in each workout.  I love the repetition and knowing what’s coming, without feeling like I just did a move.  The reps change either up or down, depending on the exercise, with each round.  I find it motivating, though i can’t yell “Get some!” at the TV with the cast because my daughter is usually sleeping!  Sure, I wont be seeing some fantastic results, but I do see that I’m doing a lot better on weight gain this pregnancy than last!  And I feel good when doing it.  Which makes it so worth it.

So…Yes, I’m working out.  And yes, I’m listening to my body.  And yes, some days are better than others.  But I’m still here!

The Master’s Hammer and Chisel – Max Hammer Strength

Moving along, it’s the last of the regular program workouts from The Master’s Hammer and Chisel!  I have one more video to share from the deluxe workouts, but we’ve covered the basics.  I posted them in no particular order, but there really isn’t an order here!  The schedule is planned, but it doesn’t follow a pattern…so great to beat the boredom!

What’s this workout about?  Pre-fatigue major muscle groups and follow it up with a maximum weighted lift to carve incredible definition and get you strong.  So, you use body weight to fatigue the muscle for a minute, then you go all out and lift heavy for 8 reps.  And when he says heavy, he means heavy!  Then it’s on to another muscle!

Doing this program pregnant, there were some moves where I quit the bench as I like to say.  With this workout, the split squats were too much once my balance and flexibility were questioned.

Equipment – Bench or Stability Ball, Weights, B-Lines Resistance Band, Chin-Up Bar or Bands with door attachment kit (Optional – Chin Up Max)WORKOUT DESCRIPTION:Pre-fatigue major muscle groups and follow it up with a maximum weighted lift to carve incredible definition and get you strong.
Length – 40 minutes
Trainer – Sagi Kalev

Here’s a quick snippet from my workout…

And the list of exercises:
Reverse Lunge
Reverse Lunge – Heavy
Bench Press – Heavy
Shoulder Squat – Heavy
Pullover – Heavy
Good Morning
Stiff Leg Deadlift – Heavy
1-Arm Row  Heavy
Stay Low Sumo
Sumo Squat – Heavy
Band Military Press
Military Press – Heavy
Split Squat
Step-Up – Heavy
Ledge Calf Raise
Calf Raise – Heavy

How are you feeling?

Isn’t that the question of the day for the pregnant momma??

I am 15 weeks as of yesterday.  Some days, I feel amazing!  Some days, I get dizzy walking and feel ill.  Most days, it’s a mix of the two.

And almost every day, I have a bad taste in my mouth…pretty much unless I’m eating or just ate.  Some things make it worse than others.  But it’s most foods!

A funny thing is that my food aversions are the same as my first pregnancy…no chicken unless covered in sauce, and no vegetables unless I choke them down or sneak them in! But what I DO like is completely different.  It’s rare that I have any idea of what to eat.  Nothing sounds good regularly.  I can usually pick something out, but ask what I want for dinner and I’ll have 0 ideas for you.  Last time it was carbs, cheese and peanut butter.  Not great, but at least I had ideas!  Now, most carbs leave a worse taste in my mouth than other foods.  Blech.  I also lived on cheerios last time, to the point where we called the baby to be cheerio.  Also blech.


I have been able to workout almost every day with limited modifications.  I’m not doing burpees anymore, and I’ve started getting winded in no time, but I do have that.  It’s m sanity, my me time, my way of keeping me “me”.  It has been a priority for me.  I started up another round of Hammer and Chisel, but take days off to practice for teaching PiYo Live and Turbo Kick.

And now that I’m in the second trimester, I’m pushing myself to try more vegetables and keeping it healthier.  Some days it works!

One thing I’ve done differently this time around is wearing Seabands!  They have been a huge help and have kept the nausea down for the most part.  I left them off for a morning about two weeks ago and felt absolutely terrible!  They make maternity ones, but the regular are the same.  The only thing was that I didn’t get them until we were telling people.  I’d imagine that people might question you if you were wearing them on land otherwise!  So I didn’t have them on when I didn’t want questions.

Photo Mar 06, 2 36 00 PM

So.  That’s how I’m feeling.  If you’re pregnant and want to share your symptoms, I’d love to hear from you!  I will say that I’m thankful that I’m not feeling worse.  I’m not myself, but overall, I’m okay!

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My Go-Go Juice

So, if you’ve followed along on Facebook, you’ve heard how I’m not a big fan of vegetables this pregnancy (or last one, though the things I do like are completely different!).  I like to be healthy though, so I’m finding ways to sneak them in on myself, especially now that even fruit doesn’t sound great.  If you know me, you know that that is just plain crazy for me!  I adore fruit!  I know they say no one is obese because they ate too much fruit, but I do have to (usually) reign in how much I’d eat otherwise…it is nature’s candy after all!

Enter my new Shakeology recipe (if you can call it that!).  I’m usually a plain Shakeo, ice and water kind of gal (because I’d rather eat my fruits and vegetables separately…love volume!), maybe with a flavor extract.  But now that I’m just not eating them, it’s been a great way to sneak them in!  And when I finish it…oh boy!  I feel refreshed and rejuvenated with so much more energy than before I drank it.  This is a true testament to fueling your body WELL, with the right foods.  Something I’m having such a hard time stomaching right now.

AGF’s Go-Go Juice

Photo Mar 05, 3 02 30 PM
– 1 scoop chocolate Shakeology (vegan chocolate would work well also, in fact this could go well with almost any flavor!)
– 1 cup spinach
– 1 cup frozen cherries
– water


Photo Mar 05, 3 00 33 PM

The frozen cherries work as ice too here…which is why if I do put fruit in my shake, it’s frozen!  It can be hard to fit fruit and ice in a single serve blender cup!  I love this shake, and the way I feel after it.  It’s become my daily go to, at least until I feel up to more variety in my foods.

Do you have a favorite shake recipe?  Share it!