Dear Starbucks…

We need to see less of each other.  I know that you were really there for me when I had no power from the hurricane.  You kept my pregnant self slightly caffeinated, powered up, internetted and breakfasted.  For this I am so appreciative.

You have been there for me now that I have a teeny baby who only sleeps in the car and when held.  You had a drive thru so I didn’t have to take the baby out of the car.  Your window people are always kind and attentive.

You have soy milk now that I can’t have dairy.  And you never act like it’s a hassle and still ask if I want whipped cream.

But one of my goals is to save money.  And another is to save calories.  And while I used to go straight to the Americano, lately I’ve been preferring a latte.  So you can’t be an almost daily indulgence.  I’ll still see you often but the majority of my coffee will come from my kitchen.  With almond milk…which I like more than soy but I still am so glad you have it.

Lots of coffee love,

Workout Sunday – TurboFire Low HIIT20 and Stretch10
Workout Monday – TurboFire Fire45EZ and Stretch10
Workout Today – TurboFire Low HIIT25 and Stretch10

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