April Showers Mean Umbrellas…

And we need strong arms for that, right?? So it’s time for our April Challenge!

April 2015 Arms

We’re hitting weights for this one!  If you want to join in, send me a message!

MealEnders Winner…is it You?

With a little help, I picked out the winner of the MealEnders giveaway! Check out my review here if you missed it.

Not you?  No worries! Everyone is a Winner with MealEnders!  MealEnders wants to put an end to overeating and believes the more people its 15-calorie signaling lozenges can help, the better! So for two weeks, all “runners up” for our recent giveaway will be able to buy MealEnders at 30% off. Just enter coupon code WINNER-TOO at checkout. To place your order and learn more about the product, visit http://www.mealenders.com.

And we got to have a little fun even after the winner was drawn as each entry was assigned to one of my daughter’s friends and family.

And now the entries are toys!

And now the entries are toys!

With that, have a fun and fit Friday!  Tell me how you like MealEnders!

Brand New Challenge!!

I mentioned in Monday’s post that I had something new to share…so here you go!

Challenge Collage


I am looking for people to test out the new streaming workouts.  You can do a 30 day free trial of a FULL workout program while you decide if the streaming service is for you, or take advantage of the awesome deal of bundling Shakeology and 3 months of streaming!

You will be in a group with me for 30 days to hold you accountable…workouts, nutrition and support to get you results!! We start on MONDAY! I love that you can just get started on a program without the wait now.  If you want to check it out, email me and we can talk about what will work best for you!  There are some great options and combinations of options.  You can get started on a program while the dvds ship to you, or not get the dvds at all and stick to online.

Now, I’m recommending Shakeology as part of everyone’s plan for the 30 days.  Why?  Because I’ve seen the results of people who use it and those who don’t!  Those who do are more able to stick to their nutrition plan, have more energy and are more motivated.  So yes.  I say try it for 30 days and see how it makes you feel!

Questions?  I’m happy to answer them!  Only caveat is that you cannot be a coach or be working with a coach to participate…if you have a coach and are interested, reach out!  I’m sure they’d love to hear from you.

Trouble with Overeating? MealEnders Review (and Giveaway!)

As part of my Sweat Pink Ambassadorship I received four packs of MealEnders for free in exchange for a review. I volunteered for this opportunity, and all opinions are my own.

When I heard about the MealEnders lozenges, I was super intrigued!  One of the reasons I like to have fruit at the end of my meals is to give me a little sweet finish so my brain gets the hint that I’m done.  The point of these is to do that in the 20 minutes it takes for your brain to get the signal that you’re full.  How do they do all this??

Photo Mar 24, 9 01 30 AM

MealEnders consist of two components: a sweet, outer reward layer and a cooling/tingling inner core. The outer layer provides a measured dose of “dessert,” usually associated with the end of a meal. The inner core engages the trigeminal nerve (the nerve that senses “taste” sensations in the mouth) with long-lasting cooling/tingling sensations to cue the end of eating and clear the palate. By keeping your mouth and mind occupied for up to 20 minutes (the Overeating Zone—when you are full, but often continue to eat because your brain has not yet received the “fullness” signal), MealEnders naturally transition you away from the desire to overindulge, giving your body’s natural satiety process time to catch up and let you know your full.

You can check out Why We Overeat on their website for a nifty graphic that explains it too!

So, I’m guessing the things you want to know are 1) are they good and 2) do they work…they are so good that I could overeat them if I didn’t remind myself to let the full lozenge dissolve!  The outer layer is so dessert-like.  Almost dipped in chocolate (which makes no sense for the citrus and cinnamon flavors, but it’s the consistency and sweetness I’m going for).  The inner core is where the scientific goodness is, it’s a tingling sensation that kind of reminds me of the feeling of having just brushed your teeth but without the mintiness.

There are four flavors – Chocolate Mint, Mocha, Cinnamon and Citrus.  It was no surprise to me that Chocolate Mint was my favorite!  But I liked them all.  I was surprised to like the Citrus flavor because it just sounds weird. I didn’t have them after every meal, or even every day, but if I felt the urge to keep eating or snack, I’d grab one, cycling through the flavors.  I couldn’t even play favorites because I liked them all.   But I love sweets!  I think everyone could have a flavor they enjoy with these.  The cinnamon is like pie and the citrus is hard to explain, but good…I kind of want to go have one now to try to describe it better!

Now the other thing you want to know…how you can get them yourself!  I’m giving away 4 packs of MealEnders (one of each flavor) to one US reader!  Just comment below by Thursday, March 26th at 11:59pm ET and I’ll pick a name out of a hat on Friday.

Giveaway is closed!

Little Changes

Sometimes, the little changes you make can help a lot!

Tell me your little things.  What makes your life run more smoothly?

And here’s my silly little ice cream bowl recipe…

Photo Mar 23, 8 18 17 PM

I use two different protein powders – use what you have and what you like, though different combinations may need changes to the milk/ice/protein powder ratio for consistency.  Easy, tasty and dessert like!  Three of my favorite things!


The Every Day Early Bird

Good morning!  You probably know that I start my day at 4am (usually…I slept in on Tuesday!).  I get a question about getting up early kind of often, so I figured I’d answer it here.

“Do you do it every day, even weekends?” And the similar, but not the same…”Do you workout every day?”

Yes to both.  So here’s the why.

I used to wake up at 4 or 5, depending on several things that went into when I could workout.  Now, I actually don’t have as much leeway and usually have to get up at 4 to workout and shower before my daughter wakes up.  And it’s easier!  Getting up at the same time each day, though earlier, has been easier for me than getting that extra hour in bed.  For one thing, I don’t worry that my alarm is set to the right time.  For another, I’ve let my body get used to being up at that time and now it is.

And if I’m up, I may as well workout, right?  Well, that’s part of why I work out almost every day.  I take a rest day if I feel I need it, but instead work active rest into my program.  Yes, Body Beast has a rest day each week.  Most programs I’ve done do (except 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix Extreme, which I’ll get into).  So I work in something fun like Turbo Fire or something like yoga.  Part of the reason is that I am better when I workout…I have more energy, am better at facing my day, make better nutrition choices and drink more water when I exercise.  Another piece is that I enjoy having the habit of exercise.  It is something I just do daily.  This is why the 21 Day Fixes have workouts every day – it’s creating a habit of exercise and food choices so that making these a part of your life is easier.  So I add these workouts, while listening to my body and fully resting if I need to, because it works better for me.


This is not to say that it’s the way to go for everyone!  Some people prefer to workout in the evenings.  I can do a light workout in the evening, but often forget that I shouldn’t eat my regular dinner if I’m going to!  Yes, food is one of my biggest deterrents to night exercise.  I like the morning because I don’t have to worry about that.  And some people prefer to workout 5-6 days a week.  If that works for you, go for it!

The best workout is the one you’ll do.  The best time is when it works for you.  Find what that is.

Why do you workout when you do?


It’s already March 8th.  The clocks have changed for those who participate in daylight savings time.  I was up at 4, which completely felt like the 3am it actually was!

Before drinking my preworkout this morning!

Before drinking my preworkout this morning!

And here I haven’t updated you on the March promotions yet!  You know I love a sale!  So here goes…

First, and likely most exciting!  Beachbody workouts are now on demand!


You can stream workouts from any device with a Club Membership, which includes $1500 worth of programs!   It also gives you 10% off of other products.  Here’s a video where I demonstrate it on my iphone and tell you a bit more!   I had a preview of it, so I’ve been using the streaming service for about a month.  I’ve loved trying out workouts I otherwise wouldn’t have.

The Club Membership is now available with starting Shakeology…a great deal to try out the two together!  If you travel for work, don’t have time to get to the gym, aren’t sure what program you want to try, or basically have any other excuse, this might be for you!  There are 11 complete programs available currently, and some workouts from other programs.  It’s a great way to try a bunch!  You can also get the club membership alone…it works out to just $2.99 a week!

Now, with the other March deals, you get a 30 day free trial to the Club Membership!  So you can get a program and still play to see what’s next!  Or, get the 3-Day Refresh pack (one of the March deals) to jumpstart your results with the streaming workouts!  I loved this program and it surprised me with how easy it was to follow and how I wanted to stay on track after.  The other two this month are T25 (25 minute workouts that work you from tip to top) and TurboFire (dancey kickboxing…super fun and effective!).

So, what’s best for you?  That’s what I’m here for!  Send me a message or sign up for a free account and I’ll reach out to you!

From some cool chicks!

From some cool chicks!

21 Day Fix Results – With Pictures!

So, yesterday I posted my 21 Day Fix Extreme Results via video.  But today, we have pictures!

21dfx results front 21DFX Results Side

I lost 5.5 lbs and 3.75″ in 3 weeks. My last 5.5 lbs took over 4 months!

But above all that is how I feel…fit, healthy, accomplished. I have pulled out clothes that I haven’t got into since 1999 (watch my video from yesterday for that story!) and am making a donation pile of the stuff that’s too big once again…something I just did in December!  It’s a great feeling and now I’m set to tackle my next challenge!

With Body Beast, I’m taking in a lot more food!  I walked you through my “lunch bag” (all day bag really!) in this video…

All that and I was still hungry!  I’m still playing around with where I want my food to be for the first two phases of Body Beast where you are eating to build muscle mass.  It’s a huge mental shift!  But I love lifting heavy weights.  I’m sore, feel strong and the hunger means it’s working!

How are you challenging yourself today?