Happy Mother’s Day!!

Happy day to all of the mommas out there…you’re wonderful and amazing!

I was reflecting on something the other day, where I had received a particularly nasty comment…I know that with putting a lot of my life and journey out there, I open myself up to that, but it can still sting.  I wont bring back up what was said, but I’m going to take this chance to share what’s on my mind about moms and fitness.

Some moms lose weight easily after having a baby…especially with breastfeeding.  Some moms can’t lose at all after a baby…especially while breastfeeding.

Some moms choose to go all out and focus on getting their body back.  Some choose to go slower.

Some moms are struggling with extra weight for the first time.  Some have been on this journey for their entire lives.

They are all doing their best for them and their families.  Whichever way they do it.


Whichever mom you are, I hope that you try to keep healthy habits for yourself.  Because you are worth it.  And everyone benefits when mommy is healthy.

The Spring Has Sprung Lose That Baby Weight challenge!

Are you finally warming up??  My goodness, I’ve been waiting for the warmth since December and I’m so ready for this!  Fresh air!  Walks outside! Playing at the park!

And then we remember that all that cold meant layers! And fuzzy sweaters!  And maybe a lot of other comfy, baggy clothes that summer does NOT bring!  Eep!  There’s definitely something to be said for layers!

Have you pulled out last year’s clothes yet?  Or maybe the pre-baby summer stuff that you really miss wearing and wanted to be back into by now?  Because you really don’t have time to go shopping for new stuff (am i right??)!  When you try them on and they’re just not quite right or they don’t fit at all…when you try to zip up those jeans and focus on a muffin top and not how fabulous they look…when you put on a tank top and think “ugh, my arms”…you know it.  It’s time to make a change!

goodbye muffin top, lose weight, mom challenge

I don’t want to feel like that!  I want to feel amazing, confident, and to know I can fit into anything in my closet.  And I know that as a mom, it’s important that I feel that way not just for me, but for my family.  It’s important that I take the time to keep me healthy because the whole family benefits when you’re healthy!

So here comes my spring Lose That Baby Weight challenge! It doesn’t matter if your child is 6 weeks or 16 years, if you want to lose it, come and join us.  We’re getting started May 4th…we’ll work through our time constraints, the landmines of snacks and the mental block against taking some time for yourself (trust me…you’re worth it!) together.  So we combine fitness, nutrition and the magic ingredient of accountability for success.

lose that baby weight, challenge, get fit, mom

Do you have something you want to look and feel amazing for this summer?  Moms deserve that too!  Maybe you are thinking about that dress that you wore and think you wont be able to fit in again.  You can!

My challenge groups help me to stay focused and on track, and this can do it for you too.  It’s hard to lose weight alone!  But you don’t have to do that.  This time will be different because you will be set up with accountability from the start.

So what is this thing? We’ll find a workout that suits you!  It can be as short as 10 minutes a day.  In the privacy of your home, so you don’t have to figure out who will watch the kiddos, worry about what to wear, or take the extra time to drive to and from a gym.  And a nutrition plan to get you focused on eating good, clean foods to fuel you (and not leave you hungry!).  Plus a super easy healthy meal with Shakeology! And, of course, the group accountability which is the secret sauce here.

I’ll share my meal plan, my tips, help you create your plan and solutions for those problem times, and be there for you every step of the way!

We all have been there.  It’s easy to decide to try something new and get off track…skip a workout, eat a bag of cookies…but what if you had people checking in on you, or to go to for a push?

Let’s do this. 30 days to a healthier you! Fill out this form for details!

Starting Out on the Next 90 Days!

I started my P90X3 journey on Monday! After the 10K Sunday, I was thinking that I might be crazy to jump in so quickly.  But so far, it has gone well with little additional pain.

One thing about the first week on a new program…it can take some getting used to!  I haven’t done a full program with Tony Horton (P90X3 isn’t a graduate program of the prior ones.  Anyone can do it) so I have to get used to his style of instruction.  The moves are all new and sometimes I have to pay more attention to the tv than I can to the move.  Next week will likely feel more intense than this week because I will have a week under my belt.

I started out with the Classic program – there are different schedules to choose from based on you and your goals, but classic is a great all around one so that’s what I chose!  I’m now on day 3, so I’ve done Total Synergistics and AgilityX and will do X3 Yoga today.  I will do write ups on the workouts as I get more comfortable with them.  So far, I’m not dreading doing them again, and I’m sore in odd places…using muscles that I hadn’t in a while I guess!

I decided not to start out with the X3 nutrition plan.  I’ve been doing well with the 21 Day Fix plan, so I’m sticking with it.  I worked out a formula to figure out losing weight with a more intense program (there are formulas for maintaining with 21 Day Fix and then more intense programs) so I’m trying that out.  The formula put me at the same calorie category for the X3 nutrition plan, so you could also take the calorie goal from X3 and use that bracket in the 21 Day Fix.  I’ll see how that works and switch if I think it will be best!

I didn’t do the fit test.  I plan to, maybe tonight.  I should have done it Saturday, but was so focused on the 10K that I didn’t think much past that!  I really want to.  When I did the Insanity fit test, it was a really good measuring tool!  I like measuring tools…especially ones that don’t involve the scale.

Time for X3 Yoga!  I’ll let you know how that goes.

What is your workout plan right now?

Next Up!

Did you ask yourself yesterday what I plan to do after the 10K on Monday?  I started answering this question when I started training.  I was actually looking for something to do on my running off days, but never pulled the trigger on anything.  I wanted a schedule, but I didn’t feel up to developing one on my own.  I tried to see if I could handle adding running to another complete schedule, doing the 21 Day Fix workouts all days as well.  I think that lasted 3 days!  I just couldn’t manage double workouts regularly.

So I decided to wait and use what I had.  I got Les Mills Pump back from a friend who was borrowing it but was done.  I used a lot of those, some T25 workouts and of course some 21 Day Fix workouts as well.  Plus a little Piyo (home version releases in June!) and TurboFire (on sale this month!). I had fun with it, going with what I felt I needed each day and running 4 times most weeks.

But, with summer around the corner and wanting to still lose those last 10 baby pounds, I landed on P90X3 (also on sale this month!).  It’s another with short workouts (30 minute) and will be challenging!  I’m excited and will definitely be updating my journey here.  I also got some friends to join me…always more fun that way!

I'm not the only one getting ready!

I’m not the only one getting ready!

I plan to continue with the 21 Day Fix nutrition plan with P90X3.  I’ve got the tools and motivation!  I’m really excited to get started.  If you want to check it out, head over to the Challenge page and fill out the application.  I’ll get back to you and we can see what will work for YOU!

I mentioned them above, but here are your May challenge pack sales! TurboFire and P90X3!


May Cover

Post Illness Surge

It’s Sunday night again!  I don’t mean to only post weekly.  I intend to post daily!  I also don’t always have much going on, and sometimes all that is going on is sickness and day to day life.  I don’t want to sit here and bore you!

I was sick all week, so I didn’t do too much.  I did think a lot about what I wanted to be doing with nutrition and exercise though.  It’s funny how when you can’t manage to eat (everything felt like sand in my throat) or workout (really needed the sleep more), you come out ready to go!  I have renewed motivation, a new plan, and I’m excited to get back.

I do now have a sinus headache (since Friday…yay!!) but I’ve been able to get some of my plan underway.  With adjustment!  I’m trying to do the 21 Day Fix workouts in addition to my training for a 10K with Moms In Training on May 4th.  That means double workouts some days, but I’m trying not to stress if I don’t make both.  This weekend, I’ve only done my runs…a combo of baby waking and head hurting.  So hopefully that will work better soon.  I also am back on the 21 Day Fix meal plan.  I saw great results with my first round and have been seeing my challenge group have great results as well.  So I know it works and can get me where I want to be.

What my group has been eating!

What my group has been eating!

I’m trying the workouts in thoughts of getting P90X3 to work in with my 10K training.  I figure they are all 30 minute workouts, so I can see how many days a week I actually fit it in before ordering (though I think it’s postponing the inevitable as I’ll likely order it after!).  It seems like what I’m in the mood for right now.  And of course, I never mind more choices for my workouts!

I’ll also be finishing out March’s arm challenge and moving on to April’s ab challenge.  Are you up for the challenge?

April Abs Challenge

April Abs Challenge

Oh, and before I forget…last days to take advantage of the March challenge pack sales!  Pump and Combat equipment is also on sale!  More weights for that barbell?  A barbell for a buddy?


T25 Post baby

I get a lot of questions about this, so I’m going to get out my feelings about why T25 is great as a postpartum workout.  I think that a lot of this is also true for anyone, and that I’ve said some of it before.  But here it will be, all in one place!

  • First and foremost, TIME!  What do you have little of when you’ve just had a child?  Would you rather be using the little time to sleep than to go to the gym, workout for an hour, drive home?  I don’t have time to get to/from the gym and workout, so working out at home has worked really well.  Plus this is just about 28 min with the cool down.  Yay!
  • Second, and extremely important as well, effectiveness!  You’ll feel like you’ve had a longer workout with these.  There are no stops/breaks built in to these workouts.
  • It’s very much adaptable for different levels.  Tania shows modifications and you can easily switch between following her and following others.  This is so important post baby since you will be getting back into things with a new body.  I didn’t start out with T25 (I did Turbo Fire first) but with both, the things I could handle doing, especially with jumping and abs, changed pretty fast.  I think it was a testament to the workouts as well how much I improved in ability!
  • The food plan that comes with it (and the recipes) are super simple.  And a lot of them were foods my daughter would eat as well (I did T25 starting when she was about 8 months), so that was helpful!
  • Not much equipment needed!  You just really NEED the resistance band that comes with it.  You can use weights also.  But none of the workouts have you dragging out a load of stuff to get started.  And then putting it all away if a baby wakes up 😉
  • I did T25 right after Insanity.  I had a terrible time keeping my milk supply up during that but not during T25.

If there is something you are looking for answers about, comment!  I’m happy to answer any questions.

T25 Wrap Up

Finally!  So, my T25 results pictures do not show the whole story, but here they are.



So, like for my other post baby results so far, I worried the whole time about supply.  I’m not sure if I had known better from Insanity what I needed to eat, etc or what, but I struggled less with supply during T25.  I lost 3 lbs and 1 inch.  I don’t see the results very well.

But!  I feel great.  I felt stronger at the end.  I was able to do more in the workouts.  I modified almost nothing.  And the workouts were so quick and surprisingly fun.  I can’t wait to do it again and be able to see the results everyone else has seen!  But breastfeeding comes before weight loss for me.

My post baby weight loss is taking some time.  But I’ll get there!  I knew I’d be one of those who doesn’t lose while breastfeeding 🙂   Just the way it goes.  Some days it’s hard to deal with, but I know I’m doing what’s best for us.  I have plenty of time!

Insanity Results

It took me an extra week, but I finished up Insanity yesterday!  I gained about 4 lbs doing it, and lost just over 2 inches.  Not huge differences, but I see a change in pictures.  I feel a change in how I feel.  And my fit test results make me proud.

The before pictures are from 5/25, when I finished Les Mills Pump.

IMG_1837 IMG_1839


I am happy with the results.  I finished, and almost stopped because of milk supply.  But I have kept just ahead of what I needed and added slightly to my stash.  I think that if I was not breastfeeding, I would have seen more results, but I’m not giving that up!



My final fit test results impressed me!  I could not have been happier with my progress.  All in all, a good experience though i am happy to be moving on.  I started Focus T25 today and am excited to check it out…plus the shorter workouts wont hurt!


Insanity Week 5!

So. I haven’t seen scale results from Insanity. Insane, right (nope, doesn’t get old!)? But not really. I’m eating a TON to maintain breastfeeding. And I’m having trouble even with all of the calories. But, I am seeing other results, far more impressive than a silly number on a scale.

First, I am seeing definition in my upper abs. It’s a slight change, but a welcome one. They’re my abs. I just housed a human right about there. Lower abs will take more time, but progress is progress!

Second, I did TurboKick workouts last week and the jumps that used to be so annoying and tough were a lot easier! Look at me…hopping with ease! Want to do a tuck jump? Let’s do it!

And third, the results of my week 5 fit test. I did this one after dinner, not fresh in the morning. I really pushed myself and was impressed with my numbers! See for yourself…


So is it hard? Sure. Does it work? Oh yes. (Does it work if you don’t actually do the videos? No) I’m excited for the next few weeks!

Mind Over Madness

On Friday, I got to experience yoga in a crazy place for the second time. I had gone to the Times Square Alliance’s solstice yoga event in 2011, rushing over from work with my yoga mat and pretending my yoga clothes were work appropriate for the day. It was an amazing experience to be on the mat in the middle of a busy place, with cars still beeping and the tourists and New Yorkers looking on.

This year, I took a day off from work and did the Bikram class in the middle of a nice hot day. This year, I also didn’t go alone (well, as alone as you could be in Times Square). I had a great time and hope that I can do it again many times.

I had a few days of terrible sleep leading up to Friday. Some days here are better than others, and we had a few rough nights in a row (tonight is looking to be fun as well, though the last two were pretty good ones). I literally fell asleep during the class…for just about a minute. It was a time where I typically would have my eyes open, but since the sun was right overhead, they were closed. And I woke up a bit confused but tried to continue with my practice without dwelling on it.

Also, to bring it fully into the mom + fitness world, I had to bring my breast pump as I was gone for about 6 hours. I pumped in Times Square, under a nursing cover (I rarely use it, but it came in handy for this and for changing into my yoga clothes when done).
So in review…I did yoga, fell asleep, pumped and changed in Times Square on Friday. Now we get pictures!