Bumbo Baby

If you have had a baby in the past few years or have known a baby, you’ve probably heard of or seen a Bumbo seat. Babies love them and parents love places to put their babies (at least I do).

Last year, the seats were recalled. Babies R Us took the Bumbo off our registry and I never added it back. I figured we had enough places to put our baby…swing, Rock n Play, crib, baby gym, etc. But then one of my friends posted a picture of their baby in a Bumbo seat. And Zoe can hold her head up really well now, tries to sit up by herself but goes too far forward. So we needed a Bumbo.

We still had gift card money, so now we have the super Bumbo seat, now with safety straps. Was it worth it? Of course…


Workout yesterday – TurboFire Fire45EZ and Stretch10
Workout today – TurboFire Core20 and Stretch40

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