21 Day Fix Extreme – Dirty 30 Extreme

The last of the workouts on my 20th day of 21 Day Fix Extreme!

I posted on Facebook earlier that it was tough to get my daughter in her carseat today!  Yikes!  My arms are so sore…enough to make me forget about my legs!  I love it though.  I feel strong and like I can do anything!

In the same I can do anything notion…I have three groups starting up in the next two weeks!  I love keeping people accountable with these groups.  They keep me accountable!  Running the groups and being a coach are two of my secret weapons for my own motivation!  So what’s on?

The March Abs Challenge starting 3/1…

201503 calendar


The Cut it Out challenge where we all cut one less than stellar habit for a week starting 3/2…

Cut it Out

And my choose your fix challenge starting 3/9, where you can do either the 21 Day Fix or the 21 Day Fix Extreme program (see this link for the February deals going away after today! Both are here.)

Photo Feb 22, 6 11 16 PM

To be in on any of these, come on over to Facebook and send me a message! I’d love to have you join us!

With that, it’s time to do a little cleaning and food prep.  Hope that your Saturday is all you want it to be!

21 Day Fix Extreme – Cardio Fix Extreme

Good morning!  It’s Friday and we’re breaking out the cardio!

So, I’m finishing out my last 3 days of the 21 Day Fix Extreme with 3 days on the Countdown to Competition plan!  It’s a method of carb depletion, and even when you do it for the full 21 days, you have days with higher carbs.  I’m excited to check it out and will definitely report back on how it goes.  It allows no fruit!  Just 3 days…I’ve got this!  At least, I’m going to do my best to get this!  I have to try it out so I can give you my thoughts on it, right?  Happily being your guinea pig!

Have a great day!


21 Day Fix Extreme – Pilates Fix Extreme

Here’s a pic of the church wrap…

Photo Feb 11, 6 27 32 AM

I have been thinking a bunch about what’s on for Monday, when these 21 days are over.  I plan to do Body Beast again, but the Huge Beast program instead of the Lean Beast I did last time.  I really enjoyed the heavy lifting, and I want to get back to it. I felt super strong!  The difference in the two plans is that the Lean Beast has a metabolic component to also shed fat.  Both end with a cutting phase, so it’s really in the earlier phases where you’re building up.  I do have fat to lose, but right now, I think I want to focus on building muscle.

Now, this is a huge mindshift from the 21 Day Fix Extreme, which is focused on getting smaller.  I’m having a little trouble getting my mind around the additional calories, but I know that the process is that way for a reason!  I still plan to follow the 21 Day Fix eating plan for the most part.

Why am I telling you this today?  I noticed something this morning.  Though I haven’t had chocolate/wine/other treats in now 17 days, I don’t feel like I want to go get crazy Monday.  I may have some treats (I got a small box of chocolates for Valentine’s Day and I will have some eventually), but I’m really good with sticking to plan.  It hasn’t felt like deprivation at all.  That is a big change for me.  I usually am thinking of the next big eating day or next cheat meal and what I’ll have!  I’m not thinking about that at all.  I’m focused on the adding of more fruits, protein and healthy fats more than having chocolate!  Feeling good is an amazing motivator…along with seeing results! I’m excited to keep up these habits.

What are you excited about today?

Day 15 – Plyo Fix Extreme


I mention it in the video, but until the end of the month, you can get the 21 Day Fix or 21 Day Fix Extreme along with Shakeology for less than $7 a day…clean, portion controlled eating and complete home workouts in just 30 minutes! Eat delicious food that makes you FEEL good and it’s all detailed for you…super simple and effective. Plus you will get my brand new document of tips, a meal planner and extra info along with online support and group accountability…all included from me. Choose your 21 day challenge and let’s do this!!  Email me for more info, or jump on it and let me know you’re in!

Photo Feb 22, 6 11 16 PM

What’s in My Bag?

Day 14 of the 21 Day Fix Extreme and I’m taking you through my cooler bag for tomorrow!  I also talk about Yoga Fix Extreme, and then get all nutso on how much I adore this program.

I keep checking myself out in mirrors.  I know it’s vain, but I never expected abs.  Not again, just ever, because I didn’t have them before baby, before before baby, or any other time.  But they’re getting there!  I don’t know if I expect them to go away or what, but I catch myself in the mirror a lot more often this past week!

Happy Sunday!

Why I workout at home

Want to know why I workout at home almost exclusively?  Check it out!

I do have a gym membership.  I downgraded from a fancier gym to a bare bones (but with childcare) one and have gone 2x in about 5 months.  I like that I can get my workout taken care of nice and early when there are minimal distractions and get to my day.  How about you?

Eating the Same Thing Every Day

I’ve talked about this before, but here is a little more on eating the same thing each day.  I also talk about my results so far on the 21 Day Fix Extreme!

I am seriously loving this program.  I love the quick results, but I kind of wish it was longer to keep it going!  I have started thinking towards what will be next.  Wheels are turning!