Comparing pregnancies

Yesterday, something crazy happened to me.
I was told that I’m someone “smaller” at my doctor’s appointment. Never has that happened. (Apparently, machines pick up more contractions if you’re smaller weight wise).
What’s the difference that I’ve made in my pregnancies? 
🔹I was about the same weight to start, but while I had been pushing myself to be there with my first, I had been about the same weight for a while with my second. With my first, I immediately gained 10lbs even before my first doctor’s appointment.  

🔹I didn’t like food much with either, and feel like I actually ate a bit better with my first. This time, I’m more food averse and a lot of foods leave an awful aftertaste. But this time around, I have my shakes, which means that a) I’m filling nutritional gaps and b) while I’m eating less healthy in general, I’m likely eating less calories.

🔹Some say it’s girl vs boy 

🔹 I have overall healthier habits this time around. I was starting out from not just a better weight position, but healthier and more positive in general.

Here’s a front and side view…36 + weeks and you still can’t always tell from the front…

Check out my (non maternity) athleta tank, still going strong.

I’ll be posting some more about other differences also!

My favorite maternity workout wear! (with discount!)

So, story time!

When I started needing some new clothes for my expanding belly, I really didn’t want to spend much.  I looked for deals, bought some things and a lot worked.

Workout pants?  Did not!

Now, I know that last time I LOVED the pants and tops from For Two Fitness but I resisted until I saw a discount available.  And then it was…why did I wait to get these???  Why did I spend money on other clothes that I don’t love and that don’t fit as well…super important for someone teaching fitness classes!  I don’t want to be focused on fixing my pants all the time.  No one wants an instructor adjusting!

I love the tanks too…they expand well to fit the belly (I wore them my whole first pregnancy!) and are super cute!

So I went and did some shopping over there and saw that they have an ambassador program…and was approved, which means I get to offer a discount to you!!

My shopping haul...take 1!

My shopping haul…take 1!

So, fit pregnant friends… use code AGF25 for 25% off merchandise, excluding gift cards, from now through May 13th!

I’m off to do some more shopping…show me what you get!!

What’s doing

This break in updates has been caused by a baby sleeping slightly better! I had been doing my limited updating while the cutie was sleeping on me. I still spend time with a sleeping baby but not as much which means I’m getting slightly more sleep. Yesterday, I got about 6 broken up hours!

I have been surprisingly able to function on the teeny bits of sleep I’ve been getting. I completely think it’s the Shakeology daily! I have so much more energy and just feel better. And the noise of the Magic Bullet is soothing to little ears. I’m getting awesome at one handed preparation.

We had a few rainy days here which were a bit sad. I missed getting outside to walk. One day I strapped the baby in with the Moby wrap and did an old Walk Away the Pounds DVD. It was not as fun as outdoors but it was good to move. And the extra weight didn’t kill me either.

Zoe likes the walks just as much as I do, if not more. We went today and when we got home she was inconsolable…


She loves being on the move though!

Me elsewhere…I did a guest post for my favorite maternity workout wear company, For Two Fitness. Check them out and the post here.

More talk about food

First of all, I found a review of my favorite maternity workout wear here.  I agree with just about all of it!

My food aversions are really starting to get to me.  I never know what I want to eat, though I’m often hungry.  I go to the food store and nothing looks remotely appetizing.  The food store was never my favorite place, but now it is such a daunting experience.  I come home with little to show for it.  So then I have to go back again.  Lather, rinse, repeat.

I have had a fairly easy pregnancy, and this is only a minor inconvenience so I feel very lucky.

Unfortunately, a lot of food I have bought has gone bad.  I hate wasting food!  But forcing myself to eat it just grosses me out.  I definitely didn’t expect eating to be as much of an event through pregnancy.  I expected a lot of “eating for two ” comments and people expecting me to eat everything and skip working out.

I love that I’m still able to workout.  It gives me sanity.  It makes me happy.  I’m sure it does so much more for me.  I wish it could make me like more foods though!

I wanted to make and freeze a bunch of food for after the baby comes but the thought of smelling all that food and possibly not wanting it later (though everyone says I’ll go back to my old likes and dislikes) just doesn’t seem appealing.

Please don’t ask me what I want for dinner!

Workout yesterday – 20 minutes elliptical, lifted weights
Workout today – Prenatal yoga