Well, hey there!

I know it’s been ages without a post.  One of those “so many little things, big things, where do I start” things.  But I’m still kickin’!

And so is the kiddo!  I’ll be 26 weeks with this little boy on Wednesday.  I’m gaining a lot slower than my first pregnancy and I feel great most days.  I’m still working out, teaching fitness classes (until 6/18!), drinking Shakeology (or eating it…cold shakes often sound terrible!) and doing my best to eat well.

File May 23, 7 04 39 AM

I don’t look very pregnant from the front, but the side view gives me away!

We also closed on our new house in a week that was great with the house but had a definite balance with some terrible news (sorry for the vagueness…all is well at the AGF house but I’m not sure I’ll manage typing the words).  We don’t plan to move just yet, but will be living there soon!

New House!

New House!

So there’s the bigger stuff, and hopefully that will get me onto the smaller stuff!