Day 18!

Funny how I made the video at lunch but didn’t manage to get it uploaded until 9!  Whoops!

I also took a bit of a progress pic today.  I’m pretty happy with my 21 Day Fix results so far.  This weekend may be difficult to stay on track, but results will definitely help keep me in line.

Photo Feb 28, 9 47 03 AM (1)


I also feel just better in general.  I’m finding myself standing taller, pushing myself in the workouts more and having an easier time with eating well.  I’m okay with 2t of peanut butter for dessert.  I look forward to my meals but don’t realize when it’s passed my usual mealtime because I’m not hungry.

It’s time for my wild Friday night to end, so good night to you all!

Day 17 and March Challenge

I can not get enough of the 21 Day Fix!  Down 6.9 lbs in 16 days.  I think the first time I have had such losses was when I first started weighing myself and eating well!  The workouts are fun, quick and challenging and the nutrition plan is filling, simple and delicious.  I am so glad I started the fix!  True game changer.

And in March, we’re doing ARMS!!  I’m looking forward to 3 exercises where we usually have 1…

March 2014 arms


If you’d like to join in on the fun, comment and let me know!

Special Guest Star for Day 16

So, weigh in today was down 5.9 pounds in the 15 days of the 21 Day Fix…amazing!  I’m always full, and it’s been easy to stick to the plan.  Check out this lunch…



Quinoa, chicken, spinach, a few grape tomatoes, cilantro, oil and vinegar.  In perfect portions for my day.  My old lunch was never keeping me this satisfied!  I’m hooked on the fix and not afraid to let everyone know 😉

In between taking the video and this post, I did get Cardio Fix done.  It’s tough, but doing each exercise for just a minute is perfect. I am feeling good!  And done in enough time to relax before bed.

What are you up to tonight?

Pilates Fix

Want to hear more about the 21 Day Fix Pilates Fix workout?  Watch all about it!

And in related news, the program is back in stock and you don’t need to preorder anymore…with 3 more days of the sale and free shipping!

I never got into how my hard boiled eggs in the oven went.  We’ll say poorly.  I had to toss 3 of the eggs because they were undercooked and the shells didn’t come off easily.  Maybe if I wanted to experiment with it, I could find the right parameters to make it work, but I think I’ll just boil for now!  I did my last batch with some baking soda in the water (to make them easier to peel) which has worked!  I plan to be back on a hard boiled egg habit even after the 21 days are up (well, I may be just doing another round too).  It’s been such a tasty and filling snack!

What are your favorite snacks?

21 Day Fix – Day 13

Since I missed yesterday, I’m going to try for two posts today. So here we go with post one!

I started the day with my 21 Day Fix workout (Dirty 30!), Shakeology and a walk with my girl.

Shakeology and workout DONE! Mommy baby walk time

Yesterday was rough…I’m not going to hold back and say I had a perfect day.  I’m far from perfect in general, but I’ve been trying to follow the 21 Day Fix to the letter for the three weeks.  I had some obstacles yesterday, but I think I navigated them well, if not perfect!  I had a bagel in the morning.  It was planned for, it was whole wheat, and I tracked it as my 2 yellows and moved on. Then I went to a baby sprinkle (yay!) with brunch food and cake.  I did my best, but I did have about 4 bites of cake.  So while cake is nowhere in the 21 Day Fix plan, I had a small amount and called it my other yellow and will include it in my weekly allowed treats.  So not perfect, but not overboard.  I enjoyed the cake I had, stayed away from some other poor choices I could have made, and then enjoyed a salmon salad for dinner.

Now, today is a new day and I still hope to remain perfect for the remainder of the 21 days.  This morning, I noticed something.  I have that feeling.  Do you know the one?  Some might call it being in the zone. It feels like I can more easily make good decisions and am starting to feel a healthy feeling inside and out.  I find that it’s more than being in the zone for me.  It feels like this is where it becomes a lifestyle change.  Where your choices feel more like your own than sticking to a plan.  Where you are actually enjoying moderation.  And where you feel like yes, you are in control, but no, you don’t need to exercise control because your choices are natural.

How are you feeling?  Are you there yet?

Video making while chicken is cooking

Day 11!  10 days to go.  I think a lot about what I plan to do after the 21 days are up.  I’m going to wait to decide though.

My Friday night plans got scrapped when my husband had to work.  I’ve been productive though!  Food shopping done, chicken baked, spice blends mixed, laundry folded, dishwasher washing.  Ca-ray-zee Friday night over here!  Next, I may just…go to bed!  I didn’t get much sleep last night, so I’m about done with my day.

Sleep well folks!

Day 10! Almost halfway.


Today, I checked out the Barre Legs workout from the 21 Day Fix Ultimate pack.  It was definitely a workout!  It’s amazing what you can do with body weight.  And how difficult it can be!  But it was a fun workout, taking you through several moves for singles, pulses and a hold.  Ooof!  I  feel it 🙂

Food is still going well.  I have plans tomorrow night and could really use a trip to the food store, so tomorrow may be difficult.  But I know I can handle it!

What is your challenge for the next few days?

Day 9…and no video!

But I do have something better…early 21 Day Fix results!


Pretend it says day 9 though…minor brain jump! It’s been a day. Food and workouts were good though, just have a slightly ill baby. Poor thing!

We ordered food in, but I was still able to stay with my plan – I just didn’t have to cook my own protein. We go to a nearby place that uses no oil in their cooking, which makes it easy to know what I’m eating.

So what was for dinner today?