Big Day Off!

And did nothing!!  Not nothing, but I did take the day off to relax.  I haven’t slept that well lately, and really just needed an extra day for me.

I did not set an alarm this morning, and definitely slept past my usual 5am wake up time.

I did go to an aqua class at the gym that I can never take because I’m at work.  Now that it’s summer, they do the class in the outdoor gym pool,so that was a good time.  I liked working out outside and the water is fairly soothing.  It can get tough to workout, and I took an indoor cycling class Thursday night.

I did go get lunch with my husband who is also off today.  He works every other weekend, so he has some weekdays off.

I did go to a farmstand for some fresh produce.  I’m excited about the gorgeous watermelon we got!

I did take a nap.  Only for about an hour, but it was lovely.

And I will have grilled corn (another farmstand buy) and walk to a local fair tonight.

I think that makes for a successful day off.  I did some productive internetting (along with some not so productive) but it was still enjoyable.  I’m looking forward to two more days off, probably with more things getting done.

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