Have groceries, have recipes

But ordered dinner!

I made my grocery list, looking at actual recipes I plan to make plus regular items. First time in ages that I’ve tried to plan some actual cooking. Good plan, but going to the food store was such the event that we got take out for dinner!

We got food from a Mexican place that just opened. They have been “opening soon” since we moved here about 5 years ago, so it was a long time coming! They use fresh ingredients and it tasted good…not weigh you down ick. I had a black bean whole wheat quesadilla and ate 3/4 of it.

Tomorrow is another day to cook. I plan to make a healthy sesame chicken recipe I found on pinterest, Bisquick Pizza Bake, and Roasted Garlic Clam Sauce over Polenta. I need to get back to meal planning instead of making what is quick and easy in the moment. See my Food Aversions post for why it is so difficult! But if food aversions are my biggest pregnancy complaint, I’ll take it.

The highlight of the trip to the food store was a sale on cherries! I look forward to snacking on them in place of the fruit snacks I’ve recently started eating. Not the best for me and don’t do much for heartburn! I’m glad I saw those cherries.

Also food related, I want to change up my pre-workout cereal (all I’ve been able to manage at 5am) to get more protein in. Protein is good, but I’m nervous that I wont be able to stomach it. We shall see.

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