Yoga reviews!

I have done three different prenatal yoga workouts from the prenatal section at  Before I was pregnant, I did hot (Bikram style) yoga 4-6 times a week.  I miss it!  I miss the yoga and the people.  I look forward to returning to the studio, though I’m sure it wont be as regular or often as before.

But this is a review of what I’ve been doing during pregnancy.  So, in order of length of time (and coincidentally, difficulty), these are the specific workouts I’ve tried so far.

– Prenatal Yoga #1 (20 minutes – FREE) – Love this!  It is a short and easy workout that I just actually tried this weekend.  I hope to work it in a few times a week from now on.  It moves slowly, is good for all levels and has you hold a few poses for a minute to mimic a contraction.  And the fact that it is free, means everyone should go get it!  So go, and then come back and read the rest of this post.

-Prenatal Vinyasa Flow(45 minutes – $5.99 for download) – A little more difficult but doable for most with a yoga history.  It is flowing with the beginning feeling faster to me than the rest, which is how I find most vinyasa classes.  This is purposeful though, to get you warmed up.  But by the end it is relaxing too.

-Power Prenatal (70 minutes – $6.99 for download) – Whoa.  This one I had a difficult time with, not getting through the whole 70 minutes the first time.  But it was a very good workout!  I would not recommend this for someone who wasn’t doing yoga often before pregnancy.  And the pose guide is very important.  I needed to refer to it during the workout, having not looked at it prior.  This one also had some more difficult holds to mimic contractions.  I definitely appreciated this not being a “prenatal yoga should mostly be breathing” workout. I like being challenged!

All of these workouts have different options in the site, with different prices for different lengths.  I have several of their other classes also and like that they have many 20 minute workouts available for free…great if you want a quick workout.

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