I guess this is a new mom thing?

I am continually amazed with what I can accomplish with a little baby free time!  A few days ago, I had about an hour solid of my husband holding the baby.  I checked so many things off of my to do list that day.  Today, Zoe actually went to sleep off of both of us at about 8:30. I have accomplished so much that I have an abundance of energy.  Must relax soon!  She will probably wake up shortly to eat which always makes me sleepy.

We had her one month check up today and she is thriving.  The doctor was very happy with her (only fueled by breastmilk) weight gain.  I’m so happy that it has gone well.  We have started to give her a middle of the night bottle of breastmilk.  We are hoping that this will make it easier to get her back to sleep and reduce the total awake time.  I have to pump then, but it still should make it a little less sleep disturbing.

Now I will take this still-sleeping-baby time to update my to do list like  should daily.  Items to add include Christmas wrapping and learning how to install a car seat so I can transfer it to my Christmas day ride.  Exciting stuff over here!  Actually, the exciting things are already on my lists (yes, I have several).  All smiles over at our house!

Productive Saturday

So glad I was able to be productive today because now I am free to relax without feeling like I have a million things to do!  I still have many things to finish up like laundry and emptying the dishwasher and things I’d like to get done.  It still feels good to have things checked off of my list though!

Today, I have:

  • Exercised – the long (and tough!) prenatal yoga (review here)
  • Showered – always a plus after the exercise!
  • Went to the bank
  • Went to Ikea, Bed Bath & Beyond and Trader Joe’s
  • Unpacked from my shopping and built all Ikea pieces (all were simple and able to be carried in an Ikea blue bag by an almost 7 months pregnant lady)

And I’ve been relaxing for about an hour.  I love my to do list…and love checking things off!  I will admit to putting things on just to check them off (I know i’m not alone here!) .  I use Awesome Note on my iPhone to organize them all.  I keep a daily list, some longer term lists, and some that are towards things like the house but that don’t have a definite time constraint.  I set reminders to go off for anything time sensitive, and check my list several times a day.  Most of my items repeat daily.

Awesome Note is one of the few (I think max 3) apps I have paid for and it was so worth it.

Workout today – Power Prenatal Yoga – 70 minutes from Yoga Download

Big Day Off!

And did nothing!!  Not nothing, but I did take the day off to relax.  I haven’t slept that well lately, and really just needed an extra day for me.

I did not set an alarm this morning, and definitely slept past my usual 5am wake up time.

I did go to an aqua class at the gym that I can never take because I’m at work.  Now that it’s summer, they do the class in the outdoor gym pool,so that was a good time.  I liked working out outside and the water is fairly soothing.  It can get tough to workout, and I took an indoor cycling class Thursday night.

I did go get lunch with my husband who is also off today.  He works every other weekend, so he has some weekdays off.

I did go to a farmstand for some fresh produce.  I’m excited about the gorgeous watermelon we got!

I did take a nap.  Only for about an hour, but it was lovely.

And I will have grilled corn (another farmstand buy) and walk to a local fair tonight.

I think that makes for a successful day off.  I did some productive internetting (along with some not so productive) but it was still enjoyable.  I’m looking forward to two more days off, probably with more things getting done.