Raspberry Frozen Yogurt

Now that I have most of my kitchen back, it’s time to get cooking…if you could call this that!  Basically it’s “put items in food processor…eat the deliciousness” but you do need the food processor!

So…what do you need??  I measured in my 21 Day Fix portions, but you can use whatever amounts fit in your day.

Photo Aug 20, 7 46 55 AM

The picture says it all…a purple of frozen raspberries and a red of plain Greek yogurt.  Put them in the food processor (add your sweetener of choice if you like!  But the raspberries do make it sweet on their own.) and blend it up!  I had to stop to push down the sides a few times.  Then enjoy…after you’ve rinsed out the food processor.  It will make your life easier!

What super simple recipes have you made lately?

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