Body Beast Wrap Up!

Photo Nov 22, 6 19 57 AM

This weekend, I finished up the Body Beast program!  How did it go?  In 12 weeks, I lost 3.7 lbs and 6.25″.

BB Before After front BB before after side

I don’t feel like the pictures do it justice! I’m back in many of my skinnier pre-pregnancy clothes, at a weight that I hadn’t seen in years (and that was after a cleanse) and feel like me. I look in the mirror, and I’m not surprised at what my body looks like. I’m saying “hey, that looks good” instead of “ugh, where did that come from”.

At my daughter’s birthday party, I was wearing clothes from the bin I had put away pretty much right when I knew I was pregnant.  The skinny clothes bin!  I pulled it out hoping for the best with nothing to wear and no time to clothes shop and ended up with an extra laundry load of clothes (now I need to make room in my closet for them!).

Beyond that, I feel strong, amazing and ready for more. I love lifting weights and was completely impressed by what I was able to accomplish in my living room. The pre-baby gym rat in me would be truly surprised!

Now, the pressure is on to keep up the results during the holidays.  I have to admit, I’ve been indulging a little the past 2 days with all these leftover sweets from the party!  I need to get them gone (and not by eating them all!).  But I have a group that I’m starting a week of focused clean eating with next week that should be a big help on accountability and motivation!  Comment or email me and we can get you in too!

On that note, I’m sending out an email in a bit to go over some Thanksgiving strategies and recipes.  If you’re not on my list and want on, sign up!  Also, tomorrow starts the Black Friday deals!  Get on the list and you can get in on the event for updates.

What are you making for Thanksgiving?

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