Hammer and Chisel Results

I know I need to get back to my Hammer and Chisel workout posts, but first up is the results…

60 days.  I found out I was pregnant at about day 20, was constantly nauseous and ate mostly carbs for the last 30!  So my results aren’t mindblowing or anything, but they show progress and I am proud of how it turned out.

I have seen so many other people’s results that are fantastic…I look forward to doing this all out after having the baby.  I shared one of these people’s fantastic results on my Facebook page ( you can check out my transformations album here!) but here, you get mine…

Hammer and Chisel front Pregnant lady Hammer and Chisel Results - side

I am doing the program again now, not taking myself too seriously, and taking a few extra days so I can also practice for teaching PiYo and TurboKick classes.  I have to fit it in without overworking myself!  I love the program’s variety and effectiveness….I mean, there’s a small human in there!

So, it’s Valentine’s Day weekend and I also wanted to let you know that I’m spending it giving out gits!

Valentines Day

This weekend only! From now to 11:59 ET Monday, I’ll be giving a Valentine’s Day Gift to anyone who…

🌟 bundles up a program, 30 days of Shakeology (or in some cases, pre workout and post workout nutrition), 30 days of Beachbody on Demand and support in achallenge pack
🌟 gets Shakeology to be auto delivered monthly
🌟 gets that pre workout and post workout nutrition to be auto delivered monthly
🌟 decides to help others on their journey and join our team

I hope you get some time with your Valentine, or use this as a day to celebrate YOU!

Insanity Max 30 Results!

Max 30 after front Max 30 after side

I’ll throw in my week 8 max outs, but here are the final Insanity Max 30 results!  I am down .8lbs and 2.75″…my weight was up and down with the holidays and some other rough patches, but I’m pretty happy with the results!  I see differences in how my clothes are fitting, have been wearing some of my pre-pregnancy “skinny” clothes and I FEEL different!

I don’t think I’ve ever been so proud to finish a program.  This was such a challenge for me mentally…pushing myself to max out further along each week, dealing with needing to modify, truly difficult workouts each weekday super early in the morning!  I think that putting it all out there for others to see was the ultimate motivation and accountability.  So thank you for that!!  Physically, it was super challenging as well, which was helped by only being 30 minutes a workout.  Also, there is a lot of variety in those 30 minutes…every move changes in 20-60 seconds.  So you try to hold out maxing out during each move!

Something I’m not sure I have done before is not miss a workout on the planned day…but I did it with this! I didn’t push off any of the workouts…I think that’s just me craving routine.  And that’s what happens when you plan for your workouts to be before anything gets in the way.

I am so glad I did this program.  If you asked me a few weeks ago, I would probably have told you that I liked it, but that it wasn’t for me.  I am so glad I stuck with it.  It changed my mind once I gave myself the permission to modify on the moves that were killing my ankle.  I was able to enjoy it and it completely changed my mind.  So, a list of what I loved…

  • Quick workouts!
  • The tabata workouts!  They were such great, fun, challenging and energizing workouts.  I think I’ll pull them back out often
  • Seeing the improvement in times…you know you’re getting fitter as part of the program, which is amazingly motivating
  • The food plan!  Okay, it’s the 21 Day Fix plan, so I knew I loved that already!  It was an easy transition and it’s such an effective, easy to follow nutrition program
  • Shaun T…he cracks me up even as he kicks my butt
  • that the people in the video max out…this is kind of good and bad.  You see them going and think “I could just max out too”, but then at the end they all tell you their max out times.  And sometimes, you beat them!  Others, you think “I can do that!” and let it motivate you more.
  • The workouts are exhilarating.  For serious!  I felt amazing at the end of each of them.

So here are my max outs from the final week…read till the end for my final “fit test” – redoing the Cardio Challenge workout that is the first workout of each month 1 week.

Day 50 – First time I didn’t max out!  I made it through the whole 30 minutes!

Photo Feb 02, 5 36 46 AM

Day 51 – my daughter woke up before I had the chance to take a picture, so I brought her in.  It probably would have been funnier to have her take the picture!  But then you wouldn’t know when I maxed out.

Photo Feb 03, 5 48 02 AM

Day 52 – very sweaty!

Photo Feb 04, 5 34 02 AM

Day 53 – I didn’t make it as far as the past two times through.  Some workouts, I would just be thinking “how did I ever make it past this last week?”

Photo Feb 05, 5 28 42 AM

Day 54 – The Friday Fights were such a challenge – one minute for most moves and the first planned water break is around 15 minutes in!

Photo Feb 06, 5 29 37 AM

Day 55!  Today!  This was that last fit test workout and…I didn’t max out!  30 minutes through, having been between 17:00 and 17:21 for the 4 weeks in month 1.

Photo Feb 07, 5 20 12 AM

This was an absolutely amazing journey of a program.  I can’t believe how fast the 8 weeks went and how much I ended up loving it.  This wont be my last time through Insanity Max 30!  Next up for me is 21 Day Fix Extreme!  Mine should be here on Monday, but I have given people until today to order and get in my group starting 2/16…so if you want in, use that link and get on it!

So, what are your questions?  I want to hear them!!

Turning those calendars!

It’s about time to move on to 2015.  You know what that means?  New month, new challenge!  Here’s my January Challenge…

201501 calendar

If you would like to be in a group (on Facebook) and play along, comment or email me!

I decided to take a little walk down memory lane this year and made one final results pic.

201402 to 201412

The picture shows February 2014 – today. I lost just over 20 lbs in 2014, and 23.25 inches from February to the end of November.

Overall, I’m happy with the results, though I know I could have done better with more of a focus on nutrition. So in 2015, I will not let nutrition get in my way. I will use the tools I have and continue to improve!

What are you looking to improve upon?  How will you make that happen?

Body Beast Wrap Up!

Photo Nov 22, 6 19 57 AM

This weekend, I finished up the Body Beast program!  How did it go?  In 12 weeks, I lost 3.7 lbs and 6.25″.

BB Before After front BB before after side

I don’t feel like the pictures do it justice! I’m back in many of my skinnier pre-pregnancy clothes, at a weight that I hadn’t seen in years (and that was after a cleanse) and feel like me. I look in the mirror, and I’m not surprised at what my body looks like. I’m saying “hey, that looks good” instead of “ugh, where did that come from”.

At my daughter’s birthday party, I was wearing clothes from the bin I had put away pretty much right when I knew I was pregnant.  The skinny clothes bin!  I pulled it out hoping for the best with nothing to wear and no time to clothes shop and ended up with an extra laundry load of clothes (now I need to make room in my closet for them!).

Beyond that, I feel strong, amazing and ready for more. I love lifting weights and was completely impressed by what I was able to accomplish in my living room. The pre-baby gym rat in me would be truly surprised!

Now, the pressure is on to keep up the results during the holidays.  I have to admit, I’ve been indulging a little the past 2 days with all these leftover sweets from the party!  I need to get them gone (and not by eating them all!).  But I have a group that I’m starting a week of focused clean eating with next week that should be a big help on accountability and motivation!  Comment or email me and we can get you in too!

On that note, I’m sending out an email in a bit to go over some Thanksgiving strategies and recipes.  If you’re not on my list and want on, sign up!  Also, tomorrow starts the Black Friday deals!  Get on the list and you can get in on the event for updates.

What are you making for Thanksgiving?

P90X3 Results!

I’m still working my way through the individual P90X3 video reviews, but I’m done with the program and have my results ready to share!  If you follow me on Facebook, you’ve seen them already…sorry!

Here are the pics…

Photo Aug 03, 8 03 37 PM Photo Aug 03, 8 05 09 PM

Stats – down 10 lbs and 7.7″ and clothes are falling off me.  I didn’t see it in the pics, but others saw the differences…we’re always our worst critic!  I do see changes in my legs and rear, which are rare places to change on me!  I feel good and am more determined than ever on the nutrition front.  I know that I could have had stellar results with this program had I not had a few stints of poor choices.

I was helped towards the end with the 3-Day Refresh (results here), both on the determined eating and weight loss.  I also gained a bit of weight in the middle!  I crept up about 3 lbs without even really noticing!  It’s all the little choices that add up to your results.  If you make good ones, you excel.  Bad ones, you crash!

That’s the premise of a fantastic book – The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy.  I actually got a copy as a prize but have already read it (and own it!).  So I’m giving it away to the next person who joins me as a coach.  I have a new coach training starting next Monday, August 11 to get people started on their best track to success in helping others.  And this book is an added bonus, but is recommended for all!

Great mail day last week!  Including the book :)

Great mail day last week! Including the book 🙂

What little choice can you make today to make you better?

21 Day Fix Wrap Up

So, I finished the 21 Day Fix this week.  Final tally was a loss of 7 inches and almost 7 lbs, now almost 8 as of this morning!  To review, it took me over 11 months to lose the 7 prior.  So doing it in 21 days is amazing.

IMG_3447 IMG_3448

And not only that, I have made new habits, which is part of the point of the 21 days.  My biggest changes are breakfast – now eating less oatmeal and adding hard boiled eggs, and more vegetables.  I also have been doing a little more prep work, making chicken, eggs, fish, etc ahead of time.  It has taken less than 15 minutes of real work (hands on) some nights, not all nights.  That is completely doable for me!  It seemed like such a daunting task before, but when I actually did it, it wasn’t so bad.

I haven’t been continuing with the workouts as I am switching to 10K training and keeping up with the formats I plan to teach.  I want to include the Yoga Fix workout once a week or so as I do this because it was one of the best home yoga DVDs I have done.   When it comes to yoga at home, I want a quick workout that moves and gives me a good stretch.  Otherwise, I wont do it!  For me, doing yoga at home is really tough.  I prefer the class atmosphere.

The rest of the workouts will get used as well.  I love the pace, and the intensity is a good level to throw in with other programs – juuuust right.

So, who could benefit from the 21 Day Fix?  Almost anyone!  There is a modifier, and the workouts can be done by just about any fitness level.  The nutrition program is easy to follow and helps you make lasting changes.  I ate out several times and even that was pretty easy!

I’ve been slacking on the diet the past few days and still have lost about a pound. I haven’t eaten poorly, just not to the plan.  I’m going to recommit to it fully on Monday! More 21 days!  I can’t wait to see the results from another round.   This round, I was walking taller, feeling better in my clothes and just feeling good.  Love it!

Do you have questions for me?  I’d love to help!

Day 18!

Funny how I made the video at lunch but didn’t manage to get it uploaded until 9!  Whoops!

I also took a bit of a progress pic today.  I’m pretty happy with my 21 Day Fix results so far.  This weekend may be difficult to stay on track, but results will definitely help keep me in line.

Photo Feb 28, 9 47 03 AM (1)


I also feel just better in general.  I’m finding myself standing taller, pushing myself in the workouts more and having an easier time with eating well.  I’m okay with 2t of peanut butter for dessert.  I look forward to my meals but don’t realize when it’s passed my usual mealtime because I’m not hungry.

It’s time for my wild Friday night to end, so good night to you all!

Day 9…and no video!

But I do have something better…early 21 Day Fix results!


Pretend it says day 9 though…minor brain jump! It’s been a day. Food and workouts were good though, just have a slightly ill baby. Poor thing!

We ordered food in, but I was still able to stay with my plan – I just didn’t have to cook my own protein. We go to a nearby place that uses no oil in their cooking, which makes it easy to know what I’m eating.

So what was for dinner today?

T25 Wrap Up

Finally!  So, my T25 results pictures do not show the whole story, but here they are.



So, like for my other post baby results so far, I worried the whole time about supply.  I’m not sure if I had known better from Insanity what I needed to eat, etc or what, but I struggled less with supply during T25.  I lost 3 lbs and 1 inch.  I don’t see the results very well.

But!  I feel great.  I felt stronger at the end.  I was able to do more in the workouts.  I modified almost nothing.  And the workouts were so quick and surprisingly fun.  I can’t wait to do it again and be able to see the results everyone else has seen!  But breastfeeding comes before weight loss for me.

My post baby weight loss is taking some time.  But I’ll get there!  I knew I’d be one of those who doesn’t lose while breastfeeding 🙂   Just the way it goes.  Some days it’s hard to deal with, but I know I’m doing what’s best for us.  I have plenty of time!

Insanity Results

It took me an extra week, but I finished up Insanity yesterday!  I gained about 4 lbs doing it, and lost just over 2 inches.  Not huge differences, but I see a change in pictures.  I feel a change in how I feel.  And my fit test results make me proud.

The before pictures are from 5/25, when I finished Les Mills Pump.

IMG_1837 IMG_1839


I am happy with the results.  I finished, and almost stopped because of milk supply.  But I have kept just ahead of what I needed and added slightly to my stash.  I think that if I was not breastfeeding, I would have seen more results, but I’m not giving that up!



My final fit test results impressed me!  I could not have been happier with my progress.  All in all, a good experience though i am happy to be moving on.  I started Focus T25 today and am excited to check it out…plus the shorter workouts wont hurt!