My little girl turned two yesterday!  I didn’t take enough pictures at all, so some pictures plus words will have to do to describe her party.

We did a rainbow theme…partially because it was easy (last year was rainbow polka dots) and also because she loves colors and I love that.  After many hours of pinteresting, it came together pretty well!

Photo Nov 15, 2 55 38 PM Photo Nov 15, 2 55 23 PM

Some pre-party playing in her amazing tutu!

Photo Nov 15, 2 58 51 PM Photo Nov 15, 2 58 47 PM


Here’s the tent set up.  Simple, with lots of balloons for color with a white base.  I had streamers, but the tent made it a bit more work than I was planning, so I scrapped that.  I think it was better without them!

Photo Nov 15, 2 58 40 PM

Here are the appetizers…rainbow fruits and vegetable platters (raspberries, cantaloupe, pineapple, green grapes, blueberries and red grapes for fruits; tomatoes, carrots, yellow peppers, snap peas, blue corn chips and terra chips on the vegetable one).  Plus rainbow goldfish, cheese and crackers, and some dips.  A few were added after this!  Check out the vases (beer mugs that we had from our wedding) with colored water!  Loved them.

We didn’t do anything rainbow for dinner other than a colorful quinoa dish, and I have zero pictures from that.  It doesn’t matter though, because all you want to hear about is the dessert, right?

Photo Nov 15, 3 00 48 PM

Cake – next to Shakeology of course!

Photo Nov 15, 5 54 15 PM


My mom got this amazing cake – a rainbow inside and out!  So good too.  Then there was an assortment of rainbow goodies I made – Fruity Pebbles treats (like Rice Krispies treats, just subbed Fruity Pebbles), marshmallows dipped in white chocolate and rainbow sugar sprinkles, Ring Pops and M&Ms.  Plus some family brought desserts as well.  To say we have an amazing amount of leftovers would be an understatement!

Photo Nov 15, 3 04 06 PM Photo Nov 15, 6 46 19 PM

Here are two shots from toward the end of the party.  She really warmed up to the overwhelming party and had a good time.  It is so wonderful to have a huge amount of family and close friends who love this girl, but having them all in one place is a little freaky for her!  I think we all had a great time!

I made funfetti cookies for a favor and had some colorful treats for the kids to take.  And forgot to tell a bunch of people to take them!  I never said I was a great party planner/thrower.  I just do my best!

I know what you want to hear though…did I eat all that?  Yup!  Hey, it’s my birthday too (for serious!  We share.) and I wanted to taste everything.  The marshmallows and M&Ms were my main focus.  I was back on the Body Beast plan this morning.  I have a week left and can’t wait to share my results!  I have a little to share on that as well, but I’ll save it for tomorrow.

If you have any questions on what we did, let me know!  Happy to share.




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