Sometimes, I indulge (sometimes more than I plan to, which is another story).  One of the things that I do is to not buy things that will tempt me, and if I do want something, buy it in small servings.  Hi, whole sleeve of Thin Mints!  So when I got the chance to review these TastyKake mini cupcakes, I took it!


Little bitty cupcakes…clocking in at 180 calories for the 3, but I have a little cutie who doesn’t mind sharing with me, so I don’t think I’d have all 3 at once…enough for us both to have a treat without getting too crazy.  She also liked the box and hat…I liked the coupons that came with it!


While I waited to have mine on a weekend, my husband and daughter tried these peanut butter and chocolate Minis and loved them!


By the time I decided to indulge a bit, I was excited to taste them myself!  I really enjoyed them!  I love that they’re bite size and packaged…I know if I’m opening another pack, I probably went too far!  And they taste more decadent than they seem without getting to cloying.


While I might not keep these stocked, I definitely will purchase them when I’m in the mood for cupcakes.  Much better plan than a big cupcake but satisfies the sweet tooth!

Disclosure: I received this product complimentary for testing purposes. However, the opinions expressed in this post are solely my own.

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