Moving Chronicles part 1

You probably know I moved last week…Moving out of state is a new animal for me!  I’ve always lived in New York State and my longest moves were mostly before I had much stuff…not as much to think about!  But this time, it’s moving a house of 3 people (minus couches) 10 hours away.  We had a moving company load up our stuff last week (it’s not here yet…we’re all about the air mattress!) and drove down, hoping our daughter would sleep on the overnight drive (surprise!  She didn’t).  So here are some of the moving related stories I have for you, now that I at least have a decently comfortable place to type!

First, there were some issues when we arrived.  One was the fridge…not useable and I’ll spare you the details.  We decided to order one that we’d take with us when we buy a place as a second fridge.  It came with a free ice maker and could be delivered the next day!  Yippee!!

Until I got an email the following morning saying that the order wasn’t processed.  Apparently, a large purchase (we also bought a washer and dryer, not delivered yet) made to a new address raises flags!  As it should.  So that was another day.  And when it was delivered, the ice maker was out of stock and Target was out of ice cube trays! (wha??)  I came up with this bit of cleverness because I like ice…baggies frozen.  They fit pretty well in the Ninja cups and worked until we found an ice cube tray…


Also on our list was new driver’s licenses.  You can see how happy it is to be in the waiting room!


We now have a couch! We got sick of it being so sparse and upped our couch selection time line, going from outdoor chic to comfy sectional.  I had been using the chair as a desk, floor as a chair method of using a computer but this is much more comfortable!



More on the eating situation is coming in part 2, but I did want to mention something about mindset! I wasn’t eating very healthy when we got here. I just didn’t make great choices.  This week, I pledged to get 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day and it was so easy…to get 7! I’d been getting 3-4 last week, mostly fruit.  This week I did (and felt!) so much better!

Here’s a salad…used nothing to make it.  Spinach and tomatoes with oil, vinegar, cilantro and seasoning. Easy. And I could have made it easy last week, but my mindset wasn’t there.

Think good thoughts tonight! Change your mindset, change your life!

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