Moving Chronicles Part 2

So fast after part 1! I’ve got tips for staying on track at the end…

So, today is more about the 3-Day Refresh than anything.  This time will be a bit different from last time I did it…but I’m deciding to have this make it better, not a challenge! I don’t have a way beyond some pictures and how I feel to determine results.  No measuring tape (I’d buy one, but since once comes with almost every Beachbody program, I do have a few!), full length mirror or scale.  All are on a truck somewhere!  I did take more of an upper body picture so I can see changes there.  But I o have a pair of pants that were looser and now aren’t, so I can judge by that too!

I’ll mostly be going with how I feel.  I’ve been feeling pudgy if that makes sense.  There have been little things I’ve noticed like the way my knees fit together when I’m standing.  Or how I feel about my arms.  Both signs that I haven’t been paying as much attention as I should to my nutrition.  A few extra carbs here, a fried pickle there, a trip to the frozen yogurt place…none too bad, but put them all together and I’m not eating to my goals as I’d like to!

What I have been doing is working out daily and getting in water.  I’m almost done with Cize, dancing my way to exercise.  It was perfect for this time, with not needing equipment and being so fun, I had no excuses to miss a workout.  I switched one rest day (I skipped last Saturday, the day we arrived in NC, and did that workout on Sunday, my rest day), but other than that I stuck to the schedule.  All I need for this workout is a laptop and some space!  I haven’t even used the DVDs…I’ve done it all on the Beachbody on Demand site!

So now it’s time to get back to normal.  Eating out every day isn’t sustainable nutrition or money-wise!  This weekend may be tough all around with us still in a bit of an unsettled pattern and me sticking to the plan, but with a little prep on my part, we can go out and I can bring my food.  Also part of prep…buying a knife!


We packed a few salad/mixing bowls, our blender and accessories, some water bottles (and a milk cup for the kiddo), a pot, a strainer, a cutting board (we had knives in between packing and moving…an old set we were tossing) and a baking sheet.  I wish we’d kept one knife, but this one was cheap and will do the trick.  In yesterday’s post, I mentioned ice cube trays as something else I found I really wanted.  I think those are the two big things I’d do differently.

So, how have I been staying more on track this week?

* More salads, and at home.  It’s easy to overdo it on add-ons and dressing when you’re eating out!  Though salads can be a great ordering option too, be careful of items like wonton strips, cheese, croutons, dried fruits and nuts.  Not that they’re bad, but they do add up!
* More water!  And tea.  Both help keep you full and water will keep your body running and functioning well.
* Stock what you can!  When we were eating from a cooler, I had carrots and grapes in there.  Not great for variety, but easy to keep…no squish factor from other stuff in the cooler too!
* Get creative!  I microwaved a sweet potato yesterday, piercing holes in it with my blender blade.  Part 1 mentioned how I made ice.  When we were out of paper bowls, I used a plastic cup.  Don’t let the little inconveniences be setbacks…try to find another solution.
* Try to save when you’ll have more carbs.  This was definitely made easier by a recent round of the 21 Day Fix Extreme, where I did a carb depletion plan.  I used to think I needed the carbs at certain times, but that helped me to see it was in my head.  I’ve been doing a serving in the morning and then saving them for dinner in case we go out somewhere carby (is that a thing?? Think sandwiches, etc) or we go for a treat.
* Have a plan.  I had my workout schedule so I knew what to do each day.  I knew all along that I would start the Refresh today.  I knew I had stuck to 21 Day Fix nutrition for so long that I could do okay eyeballing it.

I’m not perfect though!  There have been many poor choices, but the bottom line was that I was feeling like crap.  How frustrating to realize that you’re doing that to yourself!  I’m also realizing that with the extra heat here, I need to eat better to keep my energy up.  Otherwise I don’t want to do anything…more motivation.  So the last tip…

* Find motivation in new places!  I had the heat, and then bought a fitness journal at Target for a little extra push and organization.

Where are you pulling some extra motivation from??

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