P90X3 – Agility X

Moving onto our second P90X3 DVD…Agility X.  For this, you use two pieces of tape on the floor to mark your spots to hit.  I had a picture, but can’t find it.  Basically, 3-4 steps apart, parallel, 2 feet long with an x at the top, middle and bottom.  These are your targets.  I used masking tape for it after the first time, when I used quarters to mark the spots.

Once you have your set up (which is in the How To Accelerate video), Push Play!  The moves are mostly simple, with some crazier ones.  The first time I did the video, every time I heard the crazy name of a move I was nervous.  But most were alright.  I had the most trouble with 3.4 Run.  For this, you’re hitting spots as Tony calls them.  “Cross” means diagonally across, “left” and “right” means to switch sides.  And they aren’t mirroring.  I get confused.  If you do, just keep moving.  Don’t let it frustrate you.

This one leaves you with a good move to end…Plyo Line Push-Ups.  Don’t worry, there’s a no plyo modification!  Basically moving push ups back and forth.  But then you’re done!

The tape really makes you focus on form, which is great.  This will get your heart rate up and make you sweat…I promise!



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