Kicking off the P90X3 DVDs!

I’ve started my 4th week of P90X3 (don’t forget…P90X3 and TurboFire challenge packs are discounted for a few more days!), so I guess it’s time to start telling you about the videos.  Week 4 is a transition week, so it’s preparing me to go on to the next block.  I feel strong (and sore!) and ready.

First, a popular question answered…do you need to do P90X and P90X2 first?  Nope.  P90X3 is not a graduate program.  You can jump right in!  I’m doing the Classic schedule – there are also Lean, Mass and Doubles schedules in the base kit.  So, I’m going to work through the workouts in the order of the Classic schedule.  Which means we start with…

Total Synergistics!

This is full body strength training.  You will use a few different weights, plus your chin up bar (or a resistance band), for compound movements that will work you well.  Some show modifications, so you can follow along with the modifier if you need to.  I know that my ankle is still a bit off from my 10K, so I haven’t done much plyo work, choosing the step option on those moves.

There is NO shame in modifying folks!  Do what you can.  Or as Tony says…


Some of the moves are tough, but the workout is over in a flash.  And Tony Horton is funny, so you get a few laughs in.  I like this workout a lot though.  I love the weights!

One big thing here is to TRACK! your weights.  I use the P90X app to track weights and reps on the workouts.  It’s been working well for me, but there are other apps out there as well.

Do you track your workouts?  Are you a pen and paper or app type?

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