So, January.

The first month of 2014 is almost over! With snow, sickness and going from holiday mentality to crazy busy at work mentality, I feel both like the month hasn’t started and that it should be over already!

Some highlights of the month…

-our super walker
-learning more TurboKick, Piyo Strength and Insanity rounds
-playing with Les Mills Combat (I didn’t do the full program because of the last item)
-a snow day, taken off by me too!
-our first parent-teacher conference!
-tried a few new recipes, which is good for both the food and getting over the mental block that it takes too much time to cook
-with that, my new rice cooker!  Currently only has cooked steel cut oats, but is good for that!

Some rough days…
-the working snow day…desperately wanting to play all day but having to work during and late night to finish my day
-illness!  Everyone got hit this month at least month

That’s it though.  We play a lot 🙂  I am looking forward to work slowing down a little as the January crazy subsides and to fun in February 🙂

February is also time for a new challenge!  Squats this month 🙂

February Squats

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