Shakeology FOUND!

Last year, they changed the formula of Shakeology twice.  So there was old stuff, new stuff and the middle stuff.  The middle stuff was fine, but the newest is the best by far…once you have that it’s tough to go back!

So what do you do?  Make bunches of Shakeology balls 🙂  It has been great having these little balls of energy in the freezer!  They are so quick to make, delicious and a great snack.

A little confession…I don’t but ice cream for myself, but my husband usually has some.  I often steal some, though I try not to.  I’ve been having Shakeology balls instead and feel no need for dessert other than that.  They taste really rich, in a good way!

In other Shakeo news, Strawberry came out and mine showed this week!  I love it!  A light strawberry flavor that was so good plain, and still great with frozen strawberries.  I’ll be making this again!  We stick to chocolate for the most part (I have my shake at 5am most days…I’m still on autopilot until I drink it), but I’m adding it to my list of others to go to…with Vanilla and Greenberry!  How’s a girl to choose?

What kind of protein snacks have you made?  I would love to find a recipe that would be good with one of the other flavors!

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