It’s Monday! (sort of)

*I thought I published this yesterday!  It somehow got saved as a draft instead.  So here you go for Tuesday 🙂

Is Monday a fresh start day for you?  I try to treat each day as a fresh one, but Mondays do have an extra sense of “Let’s rock this week!” for me.

So what about this week will make it extra grand?  Really, there are things each week that make it different for me.  This week I have two challenge groups starting and I can’t wait to help motivate, and have them motivate me!  One is Shakeology specific, one for workouts and both should be fun.  I can’t wait!

We are also closing in on having a one year old!  So party planning and execution is in full force!  It’s so crazy both how this year flew and how it seems she’s been here forever.  I hear this is how most people feel, so nothing new, but new to me.

Another thing about this week?  Last week was crazy!  Halloween, plans on a Wednesday, a few appointments, and mom & baby not feeling well.  I can’t completely control us getting sick, but our schedule is the usual this week.  Plans are fun, but it is nice to have a week that’s normal!


First Halloween!


Post Halloween cooking

What will you do to make this a great week?

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