Shaking it Up

I get a lot of questions about how I mix up my Shakeology each day.  I’m a creature of habit, so most days it’s chocolate Shakeology with frozen berries and water in the Magic Bullet.  I bought larger cups for it on eBay, like these with the lids so I can easily take my shakes on the go.


The benefit of the bullet is easy clean up…we have 3 cups so we don’t have to wash them right away and it’s easier than washing a blender! I love the single cups so we can each make our shakes (my husband has his with a banana and water) in our little cups! The problem is that it isn’t great with ice and the small-ish cup doesn’t allow much wiggle room for overflow.  We are still working on the right water/fruit/space leftover that makes a shake that doesn’t cause an overflow issue!  But the pros outweigh the cons for now (plus we already have it!  not sure if we’d buy it again).

Sometimes I do just the Shakeology and water or almond milk in a shaker cup.  I used to have this nifty Shakeology shaker, but it was dropped at the supermarket (luckily having just water in it at the time!) and cracked 😦  The Blender Bottle works well here too!  Just shake…it mixes really well!


How do you mix up your shakes?

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