How I spent my Friday Evening

…or what Zoe will be eating this weekend.  Staying with the baby food trend!  We had gotten into a food rut for lack of time and hadn’t introduced much new since salmon a few weeks ago.  So today, I looked for recipes and ideas for food for mommy and baby.  I pretty much took a day off work to spend half the day on Pinterest!

I like for the food to be hand held.  She likes to grab it herself.  If you feed her with a spoon, she sticks her fingers in her mouth after.  That’s how we get food everywhere!  Some foods are easy, others not as much.  So tonight, I made some eggs into omelet sticks, stewed apples, steamed broccoli and made oatmeal.  For the oatmeal, I use regular oats and grind them down, then cook.  She will have the oats and apples together and the egg and broccoli together.  The only thing that needs a spoon is the oatmeal, so I’m happy about that!

Tomorrow, I’ll try to make the recipe for me…Sesame Chicken  which I plan to modify somewhat.  I’ll let you know how that works out!

In non-food news, I’m officially certified as an Insanity instructor.  Very exciting news!  Has anyone taken a class yet?

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