9 months on, 9 months off

At least that was the plan for weight loss. Reality, not so simple!

I even put in my goals for the year to fit into some pre-pregnancy clothes by now. There are a few things that fit but not much. Mostly workout clothes! I suppose that’s helpful. But for the most part, nope. I have almost 20lbs left to lose and have been within a 5lb range for about 3 months.

Have I tried? Of course. I exercise most days, track my food and try to eat reasonably. I do have lapses in my food choices, but that’s normal and I track them. I have my daily Shakeology which makes such a difference for me. If I go low on my calories a few days, my milk supply drops. And that’s basically the thing here. I’m choosing supply over weight loss. I struggle with this daily (hourly?) but I know I’m making the right choice.

So I’m deciding to give myself another 6 months. Which is really 3 months from the year mark, when I plan to stop pumping during the day. I’ll ride out my freezer stash for daytime and then it will just be nights/morning. I won’t be clinging to supply anymore, so hopefully my body won’t cling to the weight.

I’m enjoying my workouts. I would exercise for stress relief even without the calorie burn. And I have seen some results (see my results posts from TurboFire, Pump and Insanity!).

I know I’m doing my best all around. If you’re in a similar position, I’d love to hear from you!

2 thoughts on “9 months on, 9 months off

  1. Hi – I am 6 months pregnant and used to be pretty active pre pregnancy. Post pregnancy I have tried to remain active but it has been difficult to maintain the intensity levels. I have gone through your post partum excercise posts and love your motivation and commitment. Would it be possible for you to give me a chronology of the exercise dvds you used ppst partum, as in what did you start with immediately after baby (1st month, walking?) Followed by which dvds and for how long. I am trying to plan post partum exercise regime and any Inuts would be v helpful. Thanks

    • Happy to help! It’s great that you’re staying active…do what you can! Some days are better than others I’m sure! I did a good amount of walking both outside and with Walk Away the Pounds workouts until I was cleared for exercise…sometimes while wearing my daughter. She liked the movement. Then I chose to do TurboFire because it is the workout I’d do for fun….an easy way to get back at it for me. After that was a hybrid of TurboFire and Les Mills Pump (Chalean Extreme would be a good sub as the home Pump workout is no longer available). Then I think Insanity, followed by T25. That got me to about a year!

      After those, I did my own thing for a bit, not really following a program. I did Les Mills Combat for a bit, and was focusing a lot on learning the formats I’m certified to teach as my workouts! I got back to programs with the 21 Day Fix. Then I trained for a 10K with Team in Training, adding in weights on off days. After the race, I did P90X3. Then Body Beast. Then Insanity Max 30. 21 Day Fix Extreme was next and now I’m doing Body Beast again!

      That was long! But I think the key is to start back with something you enjoy to get back in that habit and create some “you” time. The 21 Day Fix was also key for me as I needed that nutrition focus and having it all planned out for me. I was food averse for my whole pregnancy and basically forgot what I liked to eat before. That was so helpful to get me on track! Does that help? I’m happy to chat with you anytime about it!

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