Insanity Week 5!

So. I haven’t seen scale results from Insanity. Insane, right (nope, doesn’t get old!)? But not really. I’m eating a TON to maintain breastfeeding. And I’m having trouble even with all of the calories. But, I am seeing other results, far more impressive than a silly number on a scale.

First, I am seeing definition in my upper abs. It’s a slight change, but a welcome one. They’re my abs. I just housed a human right about there. Lower abs will take more time, but progress is progress!

Second, I did TurboKick workouts last week and the jumps that used to be so annoying and tough were a lot easier! Look at me…hopping with ease! Want to do a tuck jump? Let’s do it!

And third, the results of my week 5 fit test. I did this one after dinner, not fresh in the morning. I really pushed myself and was impressed with my numbers! See for yourself…


So is it hard? Sure. Does it work? Oh yes. (Does it work if you don’t actually do the videos? No) I’m excited for the next few weeks!

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