Insanity Results

It took me an extra week, but I finished up Insanity yesterday!  I gained about 4 lbs doing it, and lost just over 2 inches.  Not huge differences, but I see a change in pictures.  I feel a change in how I feel.  And my fit test results make me proud.

The before pictures are from 5/25, when I finished Les Mills Pump.

IMG_1837 IMG_1839


I am happy with the results.  I finished, and almost stopped because of milk supply.  But I have kept just ahead of what I needed and added slightly to my stash.  I think that if I was not breastfeeding, I would have seen more results, but I’m not giving that up!



My final fit test results impressed me!  I could not have been happier with my progress.  All in all, a good experience though i am happy to be moving on.  I started Focus T25 today and am excited to check it out…plus the shorter workouts wont hurt!


Insanity Week 5!

So. I haven’t seen scale results from Insanity. Insane, right (nope, doesn’t get old!)? But not really. I’m eating a TON to maintain breastfeeding. And I’m having trouble even with all of the calories. But, I am seeing other results, far more impressive than a silly number on a scale.

First, I am seeing definition in my upper abs. It’s a slight change, but a welcome one. They’re my abs. I just housed a human right about there. Lower abs will take more time, but progress is progress!

Second, I did TurboKick workouts last week and the jumps that used to be so annoying and tough were a lot easier! Look at me…hopping with ease! Want to do a tuck jump? Let’s do it!

And third, the results of my week 5 fit test. I did this one after dinner, not fresh in the morning. I really pushed myself and was impressed with my numbers! See for yourself…


So is it hard? Sure. Does it work? Oh yes. (Does it work if you don’t actually do the videos? No) I’m excited for the next few weeks!

Insanity Fit Test

I did the Insanity fit test yesterday to get ready for tomorrow’s start to the rest of the workouts. This post isn’t about my results, though I did better than I thought I would!

I wanted to talk about a misconception about the fit test. It is not a judge of if you are fit enough to handle the workouts. You can’t fail the fit test! It is a measuring tool to add to your arsenal. Taking the fit test is recommended every two weeks and at the end of the program. This way you can see your improvement.

So now you have the scale (ugh. Worst measurement tool!), taking measurements, fit of clothing, pictures and the fit test to show your results! Get to it!