Now without dairy

No cheese in this post!

We have a very fussy baby. She is either eating, sleeping (on us) or crying inconsolably. It is so hard to watch as her mother. I just want to fix her. At the doctor today, we talked about this and they recommended an infant probiotic and said if that didn’t work I may want to eliminate dairy from my diet. I’m doing both. If there is anything in my power to make this adorable baby not make that face, I’m doing it.

I’ve never gone completely dairy free before and I’m sure I’ll slip up, likely because I’m still getting informed. We did a little shopping today to get some dairy-less snacks as I eat a lot of cheese for a quick nibble. I also bought a few things to try like almond yogurt and some dairy free ice cream. And I switched my Shakeology to the chocolate vegan flavor.

So we will see how this goes. Hopefully between the dairy and the probiotic, we can have a happier baby more of the time. Also at the doctor today she weighed in at 6 oz over her birthweight…yay! Breastfeeding is definitely going well so far, though I think it would be easier if I wasn’t the only person who could feed her. I plan to start pumping at the end of this week to build up a stash. Maybe we will start occasional bottles after she is 4 weeks (and maybe I can sleep for more than the occasional 2 hour stretch).

Here we are today.  Anyone want to guess my favorite top?  I only have 5 nursing tops and I don’t like 2 of those.  I do a lot of laundry!


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