Dairy free update

I went dairy free back in December.  There are many things that possibly helped get us from there to here…dairy, probiotics, age…but now Zoe isn’t having the issues she was.  Even then, I was told that heated dairy would most likely be fine.  So 4 months later, I have now started adding back some heated milk and dairy cooked in foods.

So far, so good.  It’s only been since last week but there haven’t been any changes.  We all feel fine.  It’s very likely that the gas issues were just from being a newborn.  I am hoping that eventually I will start unheated dairy also.

Of course, last weekend when I started with heated dairy, we went to a pizza place with vegan options!  I went vegan anyway.  It was so good!  I had a whole wheat calzone with non-dairy cheese, tomatoes and basil.  I would definitely go back and still order off the vegan menu.  Our only issue was that there were no blinds.  My husband had sun streaming in his face (he did not order from the vegan menu, but we’ll keep him).  Even the mushroom “calamari” at the next table looked good and I don’t eat mushrooms.

So bring on the hot lattes!  Just in time for summer.

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