A Little (pug) Help

This is my pug, trying to workout with me. I did Yoga Booty Ballet – Baby on the Way this morning and until my husband got home he was right there with me. For this picture, I was in a cross-legged position (you can barely see my knee in the left corner). After this was some work in a hands and knees position, with eventually raising one leg. He got under my leg and basically held it up. I wish I had a way to get that in a picture!



After the morning workouts, we went to our old local bar to watch football. I realize I am pregnant, but I do go to bars. I don’t drink in them, other than water (oh, and today some Sprite). I do eat in them. There is no smoking allowed, so I’m not sure what the difference is between a bar and a restaurant. Some people look at me strange especially now that I look unmistakably pregnant. I’m just there to hang with friends and I’m a convenient designated driver. It is a lot easier to go to these further away places on a Sunday when we aren’t choosing public transportation!

I had a great time, good food, and more water than I can think of! And came home with time to food shop (ugh) and do some catch up on the internet. Not a bad Sunday. It is past my bedtime though. I need to fold laundry and call it quits on another weekend.

Workout today – Yoga Booty Ballet Baby on the Way and a bit more than 1.5 mile walk

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