A Little (pug) Help

This is my pug, trying to workout with me. I did Yoga Booty Ballet – Baby on the Way this morning and until my husband got home he was right there with me. For this picture, I was in a cross-legged position (you can barely see my knee in the left corner). After this was some work in a hands and knees position, with eventually raising one leg. He got under my leg and basically held it up. I wish I had a way to get that in a picture!



After the morning workouts, we went to our old local bar to watch football. I realize I am pregnant, but I do go to bars. I don’t drink in them, other than water (oh, and today some Sprite). I do eat in them. There is no smoking allowed, so I’m not sure what the difference is between a bar and a restaurant. Some people look at me strange especially now that I look unmistakably pregnant. I’m just there to hang with friends and I’m a convenient designated driver. It is a lot easier to go to these further away places on a Sunday when we aren’t choosing public transportation!

I had a great time, good food, and more water than I can think of! And came home with time to food shop (ugh) and do some catch up on the internet. Not a bad Sunday. It is past my bedtime though. I need to fold laundry and call it quits on another weekend.

Workout today – Yoga Booty Ballet Baby on the Way and a bit more than 1.5 mile walk

Mid-weekend Sunday and a Review

I love three day weekends, having a middle weekend day. It is fantastic! This one came at a great time with my lack of sleep lately and allergy/sleep headaches. It has been nice to have the time to both be productive and relax.

This morning, I was sore from yesterday’s yoga and decided to do Yoga Booty Ballet – Baby on the Way. Looking back to see if I had reviewed it yet, I noticed both that I hadn’t and that I had planned to change my workout schedule to include more yoga and never did! Silly me. This week, my workout schedule is going to be a bit different than most weeks. Tomorrow, my gym has an Aqua Zumba class for the holiday, so I’m going to that and not lifting weights as I do most Mondays. But the week after, I think I’ll go back to the schedule I planned for weeks ago but never switched to.

While exercising, one of my dogs came over and sat on my yoga mat while I did standing poses. It was adorable and I wish I had a way to get a picture of it. This is the second day in a row that I have wanted to take a picture and couldn’t. I need to start doing these things while someone else is home to act as photographer.


The dogs

Review of Yoga Booty Ballet – I have been enjoying this workout much more than I expected to! I find that it is suitable for many levels. It has a cardio section, then weights and ends with yoga. The cardio is low impact and not complicated. During it the instructor calls you a sexy hot mama which always makes me smile. The weights portion is what you make of it, which is one of the reasons I find it so easy to customize to your level. I use 5 lbs, the heaviest they mention and the lightest I own. You could use lighter or even no weights. The lifting is quick and mixed with movement, which raises my heart rate more than the cardio section, but it isn’t complicated. Last is the yoga section which is also not complicated. I find it relaxing! There is a modifier who does a few exercises differently than the two others. The whole workout is about 35 minutes and requires a mat, weights (if using them) and possibly a blanket or pillow (more comfort than necessity). I put it on thinking how easy it will be, but the weights section always surprises me with how effective it is at getting me to feel my muscles.

Workout today – Yoga Booty Ballet – Baby on the Way

New Page!

I have started a page with my current pregnancy workout links – https://allisongettingfit.wordpress.com/pregnancy-workout-links

I will update and add some reviews as I go along, but I figured that having these in one place would be the easiest way to organize them.  Post by post seemed good for new info, but not as easy to get back to.

Do you have any prenatal favorites??  I’d love to hear them!