29 weeks

That’s a lot of weeks! I had an appointment today and all is well. We have a thumb sucking little girl who measures right on track.

An odd thing I spoke to my doctor about today is clogged ears. I often feel like there’s water in my ears which is fine health-wise, but annoying. Especially when it is happening most days. He thinks that it is being caused by my allergies, and there isn’t much that can be done about it. I’m glad he didn’t think it was a result of anything more serious.

I did not get a weight talk today, which I’m very happy about. Not that I was expecting it, but two appointments ago I was told I was gaining too fast. I said it was a fluke weight as we had stopped for a large breakfast on our way. My next appointment, he noticed that I had lost weight…relative to the fake weight. It has been 9 weeks and I am up 2 lbs on the office scale from the high weight. So nothing was said either way today.

Now we shorten up our weeks between appointments! Next is in 3 weeks, and then two week intervals after that.


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