Ahhh Target

We all do it, and I’m sure at more stores than just Target. But that’s where I notice it the most. Of course I’m talking about going in with a list and coming out with 20 more items than were on it!

I went today for a few things. While I was there, I remembered wanting to checkout the bath accessories and found things I liked. I also realized I probably needed wrapping paper for the gift I bought. I don’t think I did that terrible today. I did forget to use some coupons that were in my wallet though.

Other things going on this exciting Friday night are food shopping (done) and fixing up some pillow cases I made in April. I’m not great at sewing things that last, but I’m decent at making things that will do for a while. We have our block party tomorrow, so I plan to go to bed early and get up early to start on my day.

First thing tomorrow should be a workout. Then making cupcakes! Exercise then baked goods…always better than the other way around!

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