I mentioned a bunch about food aversions the other day.  But pancakes are obviously too good to hate!  I’ve been making them most days of my pregnancy, and they have treated me well.

I bought this set from OpenSky to start me off. Four mixes, all delicious!  The brownies and cookies were loved by all and both pancake mixes made easy, tasty pancakes.  But I eat pancakes more frequently than brownies and cookies, so now I’ve bought a 6 pack of one of the pancake mixes off of Amazon.  I do have a box each of the baked goods mixes in the kitchen and I know where to buy more if I need them.

One of the great things about the mixes are how easy it is to make.  The pancake mixes require only the mix and water!  That’s doable most mornings.  I usually add a mashed up banana, 1/2 scoop of protein powder and a shake of cinnamon.  Blueberries are good too.  They come out excellent almost every time…usually as long as I give the pan time to heat up.  I can be impatient with my pancakes!

Easy, delicious…what else could you want in a pancake?  Likely, you want a picture.  I’ll add one tomorrow!

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