I have had full intentions of a post a day since getting back from Chicago, but it hasn’t been happening.  Mostly because I’ve been having a lot of sinus issues.  I have developed pretty bad allergies in the past few years and this year is supposed to be a bad one because of out mild winter.  It has been different without being able to take the usual OTC medications I would use when I was having bad congestion and pain.

I have been doing what I can though.  Nasal rinse, daily claritin, steam…not too much else.  After a few rough days I am feeling better.  I am crossing my fingers that I am on the upswing for at least a little while.  I am thankful that I’m not actually sick, and I usually feel alright (other than the congestion/pain).  I took two rest days last week and slept in on Saturday.  I hope it all helps!

The alarm is set for 5am tomorrow, as opposed to 4am the last two days, so I’m very excited about that.  It’s the little things!

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