Exciting Saturday Night!

AKA – Why I never have much to say!

Tonight after a busy day and putting the baby to bed, I got to work.  This is a typical night for me; what I do outside work, playing with the baby and working out. 

First, I looked up “how to steam carrots” on the internet.  Because I do not know these things!  I then set forth to do the things I’d need first.  Washed the (never used) steamer pot.  Put the dishes from the sink in the dishwasher and washed anything that didn’t go in there.  Set up the water to boil.

While I waited for that, I peeled and cut up the carrots.  I also got things together to freeze up some milk and made room in the cabinets for some food we bought today.  Once the water boiled, I put the carrots in to steam and got to work on the milk freezing.  I was able to freeze more than I took out this week and it’s still Saturday, so that was reassuring!

When the carrots were done steaming, I took them out and used a hand blender to puree them.  Then packaged them up into startlingly few servings!  And cleaned up after myself.

Then, it was beer and pumping time.  I also did some work on the computer to record points for a challenge group and signed up to be certified to teach Insanity.  And now, here I am.

Exciting stuff, yes?  It’s what I’ve got.  Along with a wonderful feeling of productivity!  Enjoy your Saturday!

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