Turbo turbo!

Lots going on over here!  Work is busy, we visited a pediatrician, more childbirth classes, and I have spent nights both sleeping and not.  I can’t believe tomorrow is Friday already.  Or that I hit 33 weeks pregnant…


Excuse the pajama-ness of my outfit.  I work from home most days so I work out, shower and put on more comfy clothes.  It definitely saves me time!  I change if I leave the house, but with two dogs I usually have to wear an outfit at home and a new one when I leave.  I’m a dog hair magnet!

I was able to get back to working out and am feeling better.  Today I did my favorite Turbo Fire workout (Fire 45) and had lots of fun!  I am so glad I can still do Turbo workouts.  My kicks are lower, my jumps are nonexistent and I modify a lot but it is still a good time.  I have a smile on throughout the 45 minutes.  My plan for the weekend includes some more Turbo Sunday.

If you haven’t tried Turbo Jam or Turbo Fire I can’t recommend them enough!  Everyone has a soul mate workout and they are definitely mine!  My post-baby plan starts with Turbo Fire.

Workout yesterday – 20 minute elliptical, lifting
Workout today – Turbo Fire Fire 45 class

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