About Mommyhood

We went to a Zumbini (Zumba for the little ones) class yesterday.  It was super fun and I may see if we want to swing more classes.  Watching my kiddo jump around and dance was a blast!


This says Hello. The back of her shirt says Goodbye!

That’s not what this post is about though!

On the way home, I was thinking about what I thought being a mom would look and feel like and what it actually is like, almost 2 years in.  One of the things that popped into mind was that I thought we’d be more put together…that at least if I didn’t look together, my child would.  A lot of times, that isn’t the reality…though we start there for the most part!  But kid things happen and it was oh so funny to look at us when we got home.

My daughter left in adorable and neat pigtails.  Cute outfit of skirt, shirt and leggings.  Clean face.  Well, a teething toddler is probably not going to keep up her appearances!  I got her out of the car with messy pigtails, hair about half out of them.  Skirt all bunched and looking crazy.  Snot and drool all over the place (but the teething snot is clear, so one might miss that!).

Me?  I left in glorified yoga pants and a fitted t-shirt.  Hair wet because I just got out of the shower.  Breakfast (a yogurt and fruit smoothie) in hand.  At home? A wet pocket that I threw a wipe in and never tried to find a receptacle for.  Hair that dried weird with a lock right in my face.  Oh yeah, and yogurt smoothie all over me, the car, and I’m sure things I haven’t found yet.  Which I didn’t notice until I was home, even though there were mirrors all over Zumbini.

But, there is an upside.  We were too focused on the fun to notice any of this while we were out at the class.  There, it was all about the fun.  The fun is the point.  Sure there’s learning in the fun (yesterday involved some sharing lessons…sometimes you’d think she never played with others and not that she does every day!), but at almost 2, we’re all about fun.

And that is okay.

What perceptions/realities did you have differences in?  I have a lot more to share!